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I love you, babe .)))

You are the best! You are the monster!!! You are unique!! You are inimitable!!!!

Neither of them can even hope to compare to you! ..

bu-haha *laughing darkly* hahaha-ha

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sweet iLKke, you take possession of my heart =))

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good job! love this!

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wo-w!!!! this is great!!!

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but it's so hard to get accustomed here

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A.B. Lazer, большое спасибо. Я описала работу по-этапно, надеюсь этого будет достато4но.

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I had a foto from,  I sketched outline of characters and created another shape of graphics. After that I assembled a necessary palette and just drew the lines like rainbow, picked out the form and deleted the rest of part. Then created grid of pixels, I like smooth pixelart. So here a picture is! Something else?

There is link where work present in progress:

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Ok! Thank you very much.

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I had made it pixel by pixel, If you want I can show wip-version.