YouCrumb @ 10/19/2009 07:46 commented on Melt

animal collective reference?

YouCrumb @ 2/8/2009 08:58 commented on Clown AV
it looks like he's only hovering up and down a tiny bit. would the shadow really enlarge and shrink that much??
makes it look a little out of place to me.

YouCrumb @ 5/24/2008 23:09 commented on My name is Earl...
shouldn't his brother be...bigger?

YouCrumb @ 5/20/2008 19:14 commented on C64 astronaut
you know, i was never too sure of what it was either, to be honest.
i always thought it could either be a fly or like... a crack in the helmet (the way his head is kind of fat, and expanding)
either way, it's amazing, of course.

YouCrumb @ 4/18/2008 12:07 commented on 小小龙
if this is supposed to be for the DOF challenge, i don't think it satisfies that style. the dragon is completely in focus, and there's nothing out-of-focus. it's a good dragon though, either way.

YouCrumb @ 4/8/2008 19:44 commented on \m/ \m/
why wouldn't you just draw the whole body? don't be lazy.

YouCrumb @ 4/8/2008 19:43 commented on triple threat
calling me lazy is a little unfair. just because i like working in a small format doesn't make me lazy.
sue me for enjoying creating small pixel art.

YouCrumb @ 4/8/2008 13:55 commented on triple threat
yeah, it's for the misfit super heroes weekly challenge going on right now. three quirky characters, i guess.
a robot thing, a slime-guy, and a kid who sits on top of him.

YouCrumb @ 3/30/2008 14:50 commented on Drunk Cupid.
yeah, cause of those bottom clouds

YouCrumb @ 3/22/2008 21:33 commented on Paladin Challenge
diggin' the smoothness of it.

YouCrumb @ 3/22/2008 10:53 commented on GRRRR!!!
oh, that should do it. thanks. looking forward to many more submissions. :)

YouCrumb @ 3/22/2008 10:48 commented on GRRRR!!!
so sorry, this is my first time ever on pixeljoint. it's supposed to be an enraged barbarian.