Pandora'sSecret @ 6/21/2014 03:50 commented on Night Shop

It looks Fool-ish. Great work.

Pandora'sSecret @ 12/31/2013 09:00 commented on Big Bird

Happy new year everyone! hope to see everyone with all their fingers after tonight.

Pandora'sSecret @ 12/15/2013 03:56 commented on Big Bird

Been so long =o any awesome pixels lately?

Pandora'sSecret @ 11/3/2013 03:33 commented on An Odd Skeleton

I like everything about it but the feet. They don't read as well as the rest of him.

Pandora'sSecret @ 11/3/2013 03:30 commented on Pixel Moon

Really nice interview, got to know both the person as the artist.

Pandora'sSecret @ 11/2/2013 06:45 commented on Daryl

Almost looks like you did a color reduction...

Pandora'sSecret @ 11/2/2013 06:28 commented on Zach

Actually love the palette; only weakpoint (from my point of view) is the dithering.

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/31/2013 16:03 commented on BeGEMeD Atari ST

AS much as I like it, and I really do. It is hard to look at because it's like every piece screams at me LOOT AT ME, LOOK AT ME. Don't know whether that is good or not...

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/29/2013 07:30 commented on miroir_ame

This is defintly a chameleon/cat with a microphone singing Kiss - I was made for loving you.

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/2/2013 05:07 commented on Apple

I really like this, probably would've looked slightly better with a background with which you could AA the outline. great job ninetheless. 6/6

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/2/2013 05:05 commented on ladder to ?????????

Despite of your own criticisme on this work, I really like it. Not every pixel-piece has to be outstanding and incredibly well made. I like this piece for what it is. 5/6

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/2/2013 05:02 commented on Golem

got a 4/6 from me, your work is getting better and better. It is good to see that your learning from what other people try to teach you.

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/1/2013 11:39 commented on Big Bird

Thank you!!

Pandora'sSecret @ 3/1/2013 10:23 commented on Big Bird

Quick question; I can't find this animated picture of a shark swimming underwater while he was dragging a boat along with himself because he had been hooked to a fishing line... Anyone know what i'm talking about? It was made last year and the animation was really smooth.

Pandora'sSecret @ 2/16/2013 05:06 commented on [Animation]Four seasons Dragon

As much as I like it; it is not as fluid in the animation as it could be. it is kinda awkward. I really like it though, perhaps a few more frames would help?

Pandora'sSecret @ 2/16/2013 05:04 commented on Copter (Aurora)

How did i miss this? looks great! 6/6

Pandora'sSecret @ 2/15/2013 04:08 commented on Pixel Tree

LOVE the fallen tree! great job!

Pandora'sSecret @ 2/9/2013 17:02 commented on Claycastle

Even though it doesn't wow me when I focus on a certain part of it, the bigger whole is impressive.

Pandora'sSecret @ 2/6/2013 13:07 commented on Slopsh

I kinda like it, but why the white background?

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/25/2013 03:20 commented on Mystery Unraveled?

I love worms :P Especially the Hallelujah grenade :D or supersheep... oohh good memories. And a nice piece of pixel art as well.

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/22/2013 06:09 commented on Thank you all! 1K gif(t)

Now that is awesome!

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/22/2013 05:56 commented on Nami

Really like it.5/6. would've been a 6/6 if not for the missing mouth.

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/14/2013 17:52 commented on Various Tiles

I am in love with those wooden floors... just.. gosh; it's wonderful.

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/14/2013 07:20 commented on A Blue World of Reflexion

I like it, even though it is a bit weird..

Pandora'sSecret @ 1/14/2013 07:20 commented on Emerald dragon

Great composition!