melong @ 6/11/2008 01:33 commented on Crocodingus In Cube Island
Great pixel =D

The monkey -like indigenous are really fun !

Now all this must move =D
You know what i always say ;p

melong @ 5/21/2008 03:06 commented on Trickster_Pet [Nox]
That's nice ;p
i think the frame when the character is standing last a bit too long and breaks a bit the rythm, though your animation works well anyway ^^

트릭스터 그래픽을 맡고있는 디자이너입니까 ?
아무튼 멋집니다  ^o^' 굿 워크

melong @ 4/3/2008 02:03 commented on protecteur
Yes, at last ! Some animations
Animation is life =D
Good work ;p

melong @ 4/3/2008 01:54 commented on Densetsu no bobuchu - bob in Bubleland
This is really a good piece ^^
i almost got fooled ;p