df458 @ 9/21/2018 14:18 commented on Devonian Nightmare

I forgot to mention this in the description, but yes! The piece was for a short informal contest, and one of the restrictions was that the piece had to be mirrored.

Workflow-wise, I tried to keep both sides up-to-date with one another as I worked because I figured it would be hard to visualize properly otherwise. To that end, I duplicated the minor edits and grabbed/flipped/pasted the bigger ones (In GrafX2, that's [g], [b], drag, [x], click, [g], [delete]. It's a lot to write down, but quick in practice).

df458 @ 4/18/2018 14:15 commented on A Very New England Springtime

Wish I could say they're all mine, but the piece was for a challenge with a pre-chosen palette. According to the challenge it's called CART44, but a quick google search doesn't turn up anything on my end so I don't know who to credit.