HMC @ 7/30/2018 10:05 commented on Commander Keen Walking Sprite

Yup. I stuck to the original size and color limitations. I've been kinda playing around with the idea of making a whole graphical mod of the game, but idk if I'll find the time for it.

HMC @ 2/8/2017 08:13 commented on Self Portrait

Yes =)

Commodore 64 hires mode (2 colors per 8x8 square)

HMC @ 9/10/2013 06:49 commented on Naruto Doing Kyuubi no Bunshin

 Yeeeeahhh boyeeeee

HMC @ 9/3/2013 11:31 commented on Suburbia Updated

 Oh, hell, I'm in

HMC @ 2/2/2011 10:14 commented on Geif

 Really cool concept and great execution.

HMC @ 8/6/2010 09:35 commented on Taku XD

 The underwater tile edges seem like a really glaring oversight and some of the jumping mechanics are a little flaky. Seems like a great game otherwise, though.

HMC @ 6/22/2010 18:06 commented on Skeletor - Remake

 That green flame thing really detracts from the subject on darker backgrounds, but this is a very excellent piece. Good work.

HMC @ 5/28/2010 09:24 commented on Noirman

 Thanks for the comments, guys! And thanks, Dawn, for pointing out the technical errors. They've been fixed.

HMC @ 11/26/2009 09:56 commented on Gettho Blaster, Mushroom Kingdom style

Very cute and simple. I dig it.

HMC @ 6/15/2009 19:00 commented on Scene soldier pauses for a moment to contemplate his fate.

I would guess because he's smoking and he has long hair?

This is a great piece, btw

HMC @ 6/7/2009 15:12 commented on Saturos

If you like that one, be sure to check out this one I did more than a year later in which I used too FEW colors!

HMC @ 5/17/2009 10:04 commented on Hello, boys, I brought my fad with me

The Pokemon sprite is assuredly ripped:

HMC @ 3/15/2009 18:45 commented on Return to Savage World Mockup

Been watching this on Pixelation. Absolutely superb.

HMC @ 2/17/2009 13:35 commented on ?????
I love the colors you chose

HMC @ 2/12/2009 17:55 commented on Red Vs. Brock
The Onix sprite, and possibly others, are ripped from the games :\

HMC @ 2/6/2009 19:41 commented on Niss.avatar
I got this a couple weeks ago. It's so ridiculously difficult and unfair and I love it.

HMC @ 1/9/2009 20:14 commented on BoOoléAn
I agree that it's technically skilled but kind of unpleasant to look at.

HMC @ 11/14/2008 15:14 commented on metroid 64
This is superb. I'd say it's better than the original.

HMC @ 11/5/2008 20:30 commented on Apple and Pear Still Life
Haha this is pretty wicked. Good work.

HMC @ 10/20/2008 18:12 commented on Bioshock
Man, that doesn't even look like an NES game. Fantastic work.

HMC @ 9/13/2008 20:00 commented on Der Okkult Tilemap
This is excellent. I agree with the comments about the water, but the colors and the details on the stones are beautiful. Great work.

HMC @ 7/16/2008 19:18 commented on Oculus
You have more to learn about dithering, it seems, but it looks like you've done well with what you've learned. Nice piece.

HMC @ 7/14/2008 20:30 commented on Emote fountain
Not bad, but the water doesn't look like water and there's some pretty ugly banding going on there.

HMC @ 5/21/2008 16:35 commented on BeachBum
Sparse as the graphics may be, they're pretty and they're not distracting. Also, I love the subtle lighting effects.

HMC @ 4/9/2008 07:11 commented on Suiseiseki
In before endless 'desudesudesu' comments.

Anyway, nice effort. The outlines are kind of jarring, though, and it could use some anti-aliasing.