Majoris @ 4/17/2011 18:19 commented on Big Bird

 I've been googling with no sucess: Can someone please tell me if a fix for Chrome's zoom blur exists?

Majoris @ 10/30/2008 14:18 commented on Bomb-kid
I watched the animation for like 2 minutes waiting for it to explode =_=

Majoris @ 10/30/2008 14:15 commented on Ambigram 1
I see what you did there!

Majoris @ 10/29/2008 16:13 commented on brouci
I think it's supposed to be sloppy in the preview?

Awesome logo. You got a gray pixel on the right side of the right half of the bottom right quadrant by the way.

Majoris @ 7/5/2008 12:01 commented on Bros. Font & Font
Very nice idea there, with the big font, and then the little font, with the little font being inside the big font, or in some cases just to the side of an element of the big font, with the big font being beside the little font, but sometimes surrounding the little font, while the little font just sits there looking all little, and the big font surrounds it, or in some cases is just beside it. ORLY? I now look again and see some big fonts, that are usually beside the little fonts, and in some cases surrounding the little fonts actually sometimes attached to the little the big font has a little self growing from it.

Anyways, I like it.

Majoris @ 7/2/2008 11:08 commented on Chumchum 2.0 (click for full view)
He's much bigger than the last one  O_O

Majoris @ 6/30/2008 17:11 commented on vespaz
I like this a lot.

Majoris @ 6/30/2008 17:08 commented on One More Time
Extremely awesome. I love the idea and the execution/style. This gets my vote.

Majoris @ 6/26/2008 12:54 commented on small character sets
To quote a poster below me, "The middle row is hot shit"

Majoris @ 6/22/2008 16:12 commented on Flying Dream
Love the texture on that one building (the bubbly texture/pattern). The rest is....all right.

Majoris @ 6/18/2008 09:40 commented on She'd gore you without thinking twice!
Awesome choice of background.

Majoris @ 6/16/2008 18:04 commented on Birdy
Neat style. Colors could use a little tweak, especially the eyes, but pretty good!

Majoris @ 6/15/2008 09:36 commented on The Candyman
Awesome style, I love it!

Majoris @ 6/15/2008 09:32 commented on Ready For A Licking?
Everyone else seems to be contributing, so I'll say looks fine on my light blue as well.

Majoris @ 6/15/2008 09:30 commented on La Rosa
Is this unfinished? Also,  where are her pants? or at least some panties? Either than the breast anatomy issue, her left underarm also looks big and misshapen.

Majoris @ 6/9/2008 13:48 commented on Penguin Carrier Torpeding
All three of my votes won! Congrats guys.

Majoris @ 6/8/2008 18:48 commented on Penguin Carrier Firing
From what I understand this is in fact supposed to be a popularity contest. Thus, I vote.

Best of luck to you leel.

Majoris @ 6/8/2008 18:41 commented on embroidery & lacework
Awesome detail, fave.

Majoris @ 6/5/2008 17:02 commented on head
zomg, Pearl is in the know O_O

Majoris @ 6/5/2008 15:44 commented on In a middle of nowhere
My god, this is holy.

Majoris @ 6/2/2008 12:47 commented on head
I can't wait to see what people come up with for this. To me it looks like she was trying to draw a cat...that exploded....

Majoris @ 6/2/2008 12:39 commented on Worm Attack
Where is this blue you speak of? I see a grey O_o

I like this style of simple combat type stuff. Do more.

Majoris @ 6/2/2008 12:36 commented on The tragic end of Tomato
Saw this while I was voting (you got my vote, no contest). This is excellent.

Majoris @ 5/31/2008 08:23 commented on Addie
Can someone explain the warning to me? O_O

Majoris @ 5/28/2008 17:35 commented on ofelia