Expand @ 7/17/2008 07:52 commented on Big Bird
Damnit, Firefox 3.0.1 still has zoom issues. :(

Expand @ 7/14/2008 12:26 commented on In a middle of nowhere

Expand @ 7/14/2008 11:50 commented on pxlfnt
Congratulations with third place. It looks very nice.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 09:34 commented on Woman
I recognized her. :)

Expand @ 7/14/2008 09:34 commented on Hand Font
Lovely font and animations.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 09:32 commented on Luso - Final Fantasy Tactics A2
Really cute. I like the face.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 09:28 commented on Daro and Croncis

Expand @ 7/14/2008 09:27 commented on Cat Running
great, great use of colors.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 06:33 commented on En garde!
Great style.  The 'eyes' look awesome and so does his clothes.
The sword seems kind of wrong to me though. I think it shouldn't be completely vertical.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 06:30 commented on Mech Suit
Ah, the animation is nice. great design too.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 06:29 commented on Roadkill market vol.2
Fool is god. Your gallery is really awesome.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 06:28 commented on Megalith : Player Characters, NPC's and Items!
Looks like it's going to be a fun game.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 06:28 commented on Hellspawn
Wow, the muscles look awesome.

Expand @ 7/14/2008 04:34 commented on Trainer Che wants to fight!
Holy crap. I swear I pixelled it by hand. I only have MS Paint, so I can't turn the picture like that.
I know the arms and torso look pretty weird, but I did that without any reference and I was kind of in a hurry because I started way too late. I used a picture of Che as a reference and I have a poster of che in my room.
And I didn't color reduce it. I swear I only used black and white.
I know it looks like I resized it or something, but  I truly swear I didn't.

Expand @ 7/13/2008 13:58 commented on Waffle Redesign
This is cute, indeed.
My only crit would be to increase the contrast between the plain red and the red skull. It's very hard to see the skull right now, while the blue guy's face is very clear to see.

Expand @ 7/13/2008 09:43 commented on Summer pixels
Sexy! :O  

Expand @ 7/12/2008 07:50 commented on Big Bird
O, ok, well I didn't trace it. I looked at the reference and the poster in my room and made it. It was handpixelled in MS Paint. Ok, I'll check some anatomy tutorials.

Expand @ 7/12/2008 07:09 commented on Oua Ta
Great style man.

Expand @ 7/12/2008 07:08 commented on Big Bird
I'm not trying to be an attention whore over here, but I'd really appreciate it if you guys would give me some c&c on my che guevara in the challenge thread.
OK, enough attention for today.

Expand @ 7/12/2008 04:57 commented on Rolf and I (click for big)
Your gallery contains so much great work.
Congratulations with first and second place too.

Expand @ 7/12/2008 04:44 commented on Run Cycle
neat. It does look like she runs a little slow, though.

Expand @ 7/12/2008 03:00 commented on Punisher
The eyes are a nice extra. I don't know if the Punisher's skull has that too, but I like it.

Expand @ 7/10/2008 13:19 commented on Handgun
Wow, it looks really nice.
I agree with skeddles. most guns look pretty weird, but maybe that's because pixelling guns is hard?

Expand @ 7/10/2008 04:00 commented on Big Bird
ah, shoot. I thought I did a great job.
Nice game, anyway.

Expand @ 7/10/2008 03:58 commented on mariospin
haha fat mario.