Amyk13 @ 6/28/2008 11:05 commented on a Flowers Revenge
wow! I love it, for me, the best entry in that challenge for now...!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 11:05 commented on Big Bird
I already did that... I mean something to post later in the gallery

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 10:35 commented on Big Bird
Ok, I know my works suck, so I deleted them...
But, I just don 't know what to pixel, have you got anything for me to pixel?

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 09:58 commented on Big Bird
Thanks Metaru, I don 't see logic that other pixels are aproved before, but well, I'll wait...

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 08:18 commented on Big Bird
When do they aprove new pixels?

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 07:07 commented on Face 016
Ow, stupid me, I forgot to log in!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 06:48 commented on Caution: Addictive Stamp!
Wow! I inmediatly recognized the best chocolate milk ever: CHOCOMEL!!!!!!!!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 04:20 commented on Stafy
Nice! I love it, the star is sooooo cute!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 02:22 commented on A piece of cake
Wow! You got me hungry!!
They are so nice! 5/5!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 02:21 commented on "MIB" Intro
Wow! Nice, it's funny!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 02:19 commented on Liberty or Death
Nice! I love it!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 02:18 commented on Avatar
It's beautiful, but the eye scares me a little!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 02:15 commented on Penguin Carrier Firing
I voted! It's a nice artwork...

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 01:58 commented on My Avatar
Nice! I just love it! It's so cute!!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 01:48 commented on AppleŽnŽGoblinz
Wow, nice! I love it, it's so cool!!

Amyk13 @ 6/26/2008 01:35 commented on Girl pencil set
I changed, is it now okay?

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 13:04 commented on Oded Fehr
Wow! Looks like real!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 13:03 commented on Snooker Table
Nice, you could add animation, no?

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 13:02 commented on Scenery
it looks like a picture! so nice!!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 13:00 commented on What happen if you combine a slug and a iso block?
Hihi, funny, and it looks great...

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 12:59 commented on Yog Sothoth: The Gate
Nice! It looks great!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 12:58 commented on Blue Turbulence
Nice car, yes, could a police car in the future!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 12:56 commented on HISTORY LESSON
Nice! I just love that duck!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 12:36 commented on Happy valentines 2006
Nice! It looks awesome!

Amyk13 @ 6/25/2008 12:34 commented on Cottages for Pixeldam
Wow! Awesome! Made by very talented artists!!