Prophet @ 6/23/2009 07:37 commented on Scratch my back, would ya'?


Prophet @ 6/4/2009 17:28 commented on Nostalgia's Mirror


Prophet @ 5/20/2009 19:01 commented on That Weird Ass Sombrero Wearing Thing

 Haha it looks like a pokemon

Prophet @ 3/9/2009 18:11 commented on Rorschach Two Faced - Weekly Challenge

 I love this piece and the overall character as well as the book, but the movie was a disappointment :(

Very nice job, though :P

Prophet @ 1/22/2009 13:34 commented on duchess ravenwaves
I really love it, but it seems like everything is just too sharp compared to the dress :/

Prophet @ 1/19/2009 19:40 commented on Arrgh, I guess
Absolutely amazing

Prophet @ 1/13/2009 13:24 commented on Slaphead
only thing I dont like is the lack of shading on the eyes, especially the right one :/

Prophet @ 1/5/2009 18:37 commented on Big Bird
So, while you want to delete irrelevant "speed pixles," others are adamant about ridding pixeljoint of highly complex and detailed works (like the most recent one by YOYOGiGi), as well as ones with "the wrong type of background" such as the ones present in the demoscene works

Prophet @ 1/5/2009 16:11 commented on family photograph with skyline and stuff
Im loving those clouds

Prophet @ 12/25/2008 21:05 commented on Fun at the Tavern
OK, thanks for comments and I changed pic :P

Prophet @ 12/25/2008 15:13 commented on Archer
idk... looks kind of brushed to me

Prophet @ 12/17/2008 12:45 commented on cOndEnSe
Simply beautiful

Prophet @ 12/17/2008 12:43 commented on maiden fairhair
Absolutely fantastic

Prophet @ 12/12/2008 12:33 commented on French Leaf (Challenge)
absolutely wonderful

Prophet @ 12/10/2008 12:42 commented on Dies~Irae Mockups
Really fantastic work :O

Prophet @ 11/5/2008 13:22 commented on Apple and Pear Still Life
I really love this :O

Prophet @ 11/2/2008 20:35 commented on Beast proof
Fantastic concept :P

Prophet @ 10/29/2008 12:31 commented on In a middle of nowhere
I love the sunken ship :D

Prophet @ 10/27/2008 11:54 commented on Zombie Attack
The only thing I dont like about it is how dark the shadows on the zombie are compared to the darkness of the hallway (mostly when hes about half way down)

But overall, its quite fantastic :P

Prophet @ 9/1/2008 18:19 commented on For The Motherland_ PA Video
The only (half) problem i see with it is that the kremlin doesn't have flags on the spires, but t ruby stars

Prophet @ 6/30/2008 09:18 commented on lanst city
Wow, umm what are the dimensions of this?  Absolutely HUGE

But very nice, I like the VW Bug :)  And th creepy guy staring at the cheerleaders

PS. The preview is like cheese in a mouse trap

Prophet @ 6/24/2008 19:11 commented on Slowly but Surely
I knew about the saturation issue and the color blending, but with a limit of 16 colors, I didnt know what else to do :(

Prophet @ 6/10/2008 20:15 commented on Big Bird
How do you do sample variance and population variance for a set of numbers?

Prophet @ 5/31/2008 17:35 commented on A woman looking down
I love the openness of the face, but I dont see why there are the random blue pixels over on the right - the piece would have looks just as splendid with 5 colors, but overall 5/5

Prophet @ 5/20/2008 14:06 commented on protecteur
Not that I have any say in anything at all, but the wooden handle seems a little to bright for the rest of the colors =\

But other than that, definitely one of the best animations i've seen - the cape is mind blowing :O