Noet @ 3/21/2014 04:28 commented on Space


Noet @ 9/6/2013 03:21 commented on Pixel China Mountains

I demand more, great colors. 

Noet @ 4/14/2013 17:37 commented on STAR WARS; Battle of Hoth


Noet @ 4/13/2013 15:54 commented on daltyn

Played the demo today, going to give you a push, you deserve it.

Noet @ 4/10/2013 15:53 commented on Pepper

sdfghjkl love it.

Noet @ 3/22/2013 07:20 commented on Goldfish

wait, what? why does it have a outline? that space didn't exist  in the silhouette? isn't that cheating? still like it though.

Noet @ 3/18/2013 13:06 commented on Sunset Skirmish

man that frog got me, best frog character i have seen.

Noet @ 3/18/2013 06:53 commented on Tactsquad4

I like this challenge!!!

Noet @ 2/7/2013 09:57 commented on sdkjfkls BE MINE KLfjadjsklhf

I can't describe how much this piece got me. Somehow the whole design gave me goosebumps. Thank you.

Noet @ 1/13/2013 09:39 commented on deluge

This may be the first piece I truly like of yours.

Noet @ 1/10/2013 15:34 commented on 235x246h00--R55636--345234

Reminds me of Red Rogue. In a good way.

Noet @ 12/22/2012 07:05 commented on Shining Knight

Looks promising

Noet @ 10/17/2012 16:16 commented on Binding of Isaac

I love you and that game.

Noet @ 5/13/2012 04:29 commented on Big Bird

Have a good birthday iLKke

Noet @ 2/6/2012 14:58 commented on Lola

is it possible to have a sprite (using the wacky weapon) in the result?

Noet @ 1/31/2012 15:44 commented on Big Bird

Well, what was your username? muy importante

Noet @ 1/30/2012 14:10 commented on Big Bird

Actually "Habbo" made me interested in this kind of art. Yes I know it's sad, but the truth is always something unexpected.

Noet @ 1/28/2012 18:33 commented on Rinpoche

marry me

Noet @ 1/17/2012 16:20 commented on Big Bird


Noet @ 1/17/2012 16:11 commented on The Wanderer

Gotta say that this one actually does fair use of the palette, it's quiet challenging because if you can't control it, the piece will turn ugly. Well, I'll give you my respects.

Noet @ 11/16/2011 07:49 commented on C16 Avatar

this is dope

Noet @ 6/19/2011 16:17 commented on Elk's Deathwing

all i can say this describes a beast

Noet @ 2/13/2011 13:30 commented on Nursing the egg

I agree, this piece have a different touch than your usual work. I like this touch more than your usual touch.

Noet @ 1/19/2011 16:00 commented on Running Through Amedet [Collab: Skedds + Slym]

i can't really focus on the running animal, the colours of the enviroment blend in fore some reason and i get all dizzy. also for some reason i like the preview more because it looks like the creature fast as hell, it gives a effect which more fun to look at. overall the picture is great but i want it faster <3 

Noet @ 1/19/2011 15:55 commented on Linearts

@photocopier, my mouse is as always but my pen has lost it.
@theguy, thank you for a more clear answer and i agree in a way but i believe that's one part of palette which makes it so likeable, so it's something that i won't change.