Tre Le Coco @ 10/11/2011 05:55 commented on My Avatar

Thankyou :)

Tre Le Coco @ 6/23/2009 01:17 commented on Team Fortress 2D

haha this would be the only way my boyfriend can get me to play TF2 :)

Tre Le Coco @ 5/24/2009 00:20 commented on Meda

So small and simple, yet such a great amount of detail in that animation!

Tre Le Coco @ 5/16/2009 00:10 commented on King David the Itchy

The animation for the hand holding the staff moving is great =D but the rest of it could do with some improving ^^;

Whats with the animation around the shadowing? Is that to show him breathing? If so, it might be an idea to add some movement to the shirt area too - because that area looks stiff it just looks really random having the shadow move like that ^^;

Why does he go cross eye when he blinks too? xD that kinda confuses me lol

Tre Le Coco @ 5/11/2009 04:42 commented on Trick!

Thats some great prespective you've got going there! looks really good :)

Tre Le Coco @ 5/11/2009 04:40 commented on Turret View

wow those clouds are really something o.o great work on it!

Tre Le Coco @ 5/10/2009 18:18 commented on The Discworld

Wow that looks so cool xD You did a great job on it ^^

Tre Le Coco @ 5/10/2009 18:15 commented on Penguin

Not a bad start then after 15 years ;)

Great first peice here ^^ Welcome!

Tre Le Coco @ 5/10/2009 18:13 commented on Curious angels, sneaky devil

Wow that looks great ^^ The dithering really suits this image alot :) So bright and colourful

Tre Le Coco @ 5/10/2009 05:41 commented on African Sunset

It would of been cool to see more detail in the piece, but to each their own style i guess :)

Nice lines, the giraffs neck looks a pixel or two too thick tho ^^;

Tre Le Coco @ 5/8/2009 07:18 commented on Pixel - Golden Galaxy

xD im just seeing your work everywhere i turn at the moment :P lol

you know this is my fav piece of the set ^^

Tre Le Coco @ 4/26/2009 04:18 commented on Violet

I dont know how its exactly considered a self portrait, but you used some really smooth animation there!

Tre Le Coco @ 4/23/2009 05:55 commented on super smash bros. PIXEL

Mario's back leg looks way too skinny O.o;

Apart from that its a nice piece :)

Tre Le Coco @ 4/18/2009 20:33 commented on poker sets

Thats pretty amazing looking! you got some really great detail in there for an iso peice, must of been hard o.o

Tre Le Coco @ 4/15/2009 17:03 commented on Queenie revised

Defently a big improvment : ) she looks simply adorable

Tre Le Coco @ 4/7/2009 00:04 commented on Zeppelin Destruction

LOL thats awesome!

Tre Le Coco @ 4/2/2009 16:12 commented on About PM

Wow o.o prespective errors or not, its still such an impressive piece! how long did this monster take you? xD

Tre Le Coco @ 2/25/2009 00:28 commented on 送给我的最爱

Wow this looks lovely! Hope to see more stuff from you =D

Tre Le Coco @ 2/19/2009 18:17 commented on Digger
Wow thats wonderful! I love the palette you used, it really looks great ^^

Tre Le Coco @ 2/4/2009 08:25 commented on Indigo Lizard (OLD!!)
That would be pretty freaking sweet if it was real *sigh and dreams*

Tre Le Coco @ 1/27/2009 01:17 commented on Selena
lol funny ;P nah it eventually loaded for me after a few days

Tre Le Coco @ 1/22/2009 22:57 commented on Selena
random, but could someone help me out ^^; i can't seem to load the link for the application to GM :(

Tre Le Coco @ 1/22/2009 15:53 commented on Selena
c64 = <3

Im thinking of applying for it, it would be a great experience i think :)

Tre Le Coco @ 1/20/2009 06:26 commented on Arrgh, I guess
I noticed a few people commenting on the animations speed, what kind of browsers are people using because its at a perfectly fine speed for me O.o; Rather fast actually

This is a really wonderful piece ^^ The bird has to be my fav, he is super cute <3
Great stuff!

Tre Le Coco @ 1/11/2009 20:30 commented on Raving Rabbids version of Rock o_O'
Hah sweet! Great idea :)