Mirage @ 9/4/2020 10:33 commented on Scramble 2020 (commodore 64)

@ DawnBringer: There's a really old preview of the game available here:
(Assuming you don't have a c64 - you'll have to install the vice emulator to run it)

The ingame graphics are all bitmap, and the tiles are streamed in from disk while you're progressing through the levels.

I'm happy to say it's progressed quite a bit since I released that preview :)

Mirage @ 2/22/2015 14:15 commented on Farmland game art

Very nice, Helm. Reminds me of Van Gogh a little bit, and that's a compliment. 

Mirage @ 9/4/2008 14:57 commented on Night Terror At The Zoo
I like the fact you used the 2 frame anim option, works really well. It's a shame i can't find any reference to the water-less-shampoo in the picture itself, it sounds interesting in the description.
Pixelwise it looks nice, i would work on the AA on the edges of the beam, though

Mirage @ 9/4/2008 14:40 commented on Oh Sh-
I like the absense of a background as well, it suggests you forget everything around you when caught like that

I would still put a table lamp or something next to him because you need something to light the magazine when you are reading the article about global warming doing things that make your eyes pop when you're caught

Mirage @ 9/4/2008 14:31 commented on Made in...
Agree, the preview doesn't do this piece justice, although it has all the necessary elements: bars, night, tired eyes

The challenge asked for 16 colour because you would only need dark blues and maybe a moon for some highlights and this piece does exactly that :)

Poor zoo animals... i would have thought they would be doing something fun at night

Mirage @ 8/12/2008 13:26 commented on Battersea
Nice work!

Oh, and good luck at your new job, Hervé :) The textures for the new models don't look half as good as when you were doing them :)

Mirage @ 8/12/2008 13:17 commented on KEYbab
3ds max for concepting? you crazy fool ;)

Mirage @ 8/12/2008 13:15 commented on dude, get yourself a notebook!
Demo scene vibes \o/
Nice work :)

Mirage @ 8/12/2008 13:08 commented on The Best Pies in London
Love the style - Fits the motif very well :)

Mirage @ 8/12/2008 13:00 commented on Curiousity
I'm having trouble deciding if i like the new girl pose or not... I think i still like the old version better
This one does fit in better with the environment, though

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 14:22 commented on no avatar slugged
I know i probably shouldn't comment on this because it's so old, but here goes anyway:

When i first saw this i knew nothing about brainslugs so my first reaction was: ''that's weird, why would a head have a propellor''... Probably means it doesn't really read like a brainslug to the ignorant

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 14:15 commented on Sonja
If it is a towel, shouldn't it have more texture and less silkyness?

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:45 commented on The 100th Floor
Not sure if i would still call this pixelart, but still nice

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:36 commented on Large Explosion
So much better than the preview ;)

A bit more dark smoke at the end would make it a lot better i think

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:33 commented on Curiousity
Absolutely love this piece.

The composition is the only thing that bothers me a little. Maybe it's the huge background at the top that offsets things a bit too much.

People were pointing out the girl's legs but i think they are just fine. It really brings out the thought that she's a little bit anxious and ready to charm her way out of a fight when the big monster wakes up after being poked too much :)

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:24 commented on energic flower ^^
What's with all the spanish? Please speak english

This doesn't look like it's electric, it looks like it's frozen... ohwell, maybe it's just me

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:21 commented on Metal bride
Where's the blood and gore and scary? ;)

I like it very much... my only nitpick would be that the shadow from the bowl of flowers is too big and shaped incorrectly, but that's probably because i've been staring at the picture for too long :)

Mirage @ 7/27/2008 13:14 commented on Last samurai
A bit like heavenly sword with too much makeup ;)
Still like it, although not as much as your other works with kids and gnomes and monsters and whatnot... I guess the 16 colours makes up for it

Mirage @ 7/9/2008 13:27 commented on Meh
You guys are so confusing me... Nice palette, dull palette, crappy animation, like the animation... make up your collective minds! ;) I gave myself a 3/5 for this, so there is room for improvement, i suppose

Mirage @ 7/5/2008 09:38 commented on Meh
Ok, it's no longer the piece of crap it used to be. It's now a polished piece of crap :)
How do i un-reject it?
Never mind, found it

Mirage @ 7/2/2008 01:09 commented on Meh
Sounds good :)

Mirage @ 7/1/2008 11:00 commented on a Flowers Revenge
@big brother: I used to work with Mr. Nieborg for about 2 years, so it's perfectly possible some of his style and greatness rubbed off on me... Or at least i'd like to hope and think so

Mirage @ 6/30/2008 13:20 commented on SunkenMaiden
Such an atmospheric piece, very nice pixeling! All the saturated blue's hurts the eyes, though :/

Mirage @ 6/30/2008 13:12 commented on mmmm-Van!
Looking good! While you're finishing this, give that bad-ass tree some arms and pointy teeth :)

Mirage @ 6/30/2008 13:09 commented on Ancient Crash-site
I like the rough brushstrokes, chaotic like nature itself... It would have lost a lot of impact if it were dithered nice and cleanly