Druid_cz @ 3/27/2017 09:28 commented on good appetite

Looks like everybody get first place! :D

Druid_cz @ 3/16/2017 14:10 commented on Eerie windy windmill hill

Lovecraft approves!

Druid_cz @ 3/15/2017 02:51 commented on EGA Silent Hill 2

Totally amazing ! ! ! ! I love top notch ega!

Druid_cz @ 1/30/2017 08:03 commented on Tiny DB32-piano!

My tarot cards said you win this challenge! :D

Druid_cz @ 1/16/2017 11:18 commented on Midnight Never Ends

Hahaha! My tarot cards never lie!  You WON! :D

Druid_cz @ 1/16/2017 11:16 commented on Summer Night

Heey, i actually like this picture. It reminds me later era of text games. We had text game making tool called Merlin in czech republic and most games had graphics like this... 

And this is not beginners work at all! I think you are slihgtly beyond beginners stage.

Druid_cz @ 1/9/2017 09:54 commented on Midnight Never Ends

This one needs to win this challenge!

Druid_cz @ 4/22/2016 07:04 commented on Just a test...

Here is some inspiration!  www.mangareader.net/fuan-no-tane-plus (fuan no tane manga, best source of japanese urban legends and ghost stories)

Druid_cz @ 3/27/2016 10:09 commented on marianette

Wel, i don't participate. But i still suggest theme idea for winner :D  Theme is : Ludum dare training! No limitations, simply make best what you can :D

Druid_cz @ 3/11/2016 16:22 commented on Overworld

Thanks for feedback! I tweaked water little bit!

Druid_cz @ 4/18/2015 14:54 commented on Mockup

Yup, that is true. But this mockup was just training for ludum dare. Currently i working on this :D http://puu.sh/hiC5v/e5c1bf63dd.png

hope i made itto the end.

Druid_cz @ 4/11/2015 11:26 commented on Mockup

Thanks guys :3

Druid_cz @ 9/23/2014 05:20 commented on Rabbit

Thanks for great feedback! I will be careful next time! 

Druid_cz @ 9/22/2014 07:14 commented on Walk

Yeah... Looks much more funky! :D

Druid_cz @ 9/22/2014 04:41 commented on Walk

Thanks for feedback!

Druid_cz @ 9/5/2013 08:56 commented on My childhood in 16x16

 Okaay, original uploaded.