b236 @ 5/16/2022 11:22 commented on Rejected Palettes - Harbor

indeed, they often just need artist to put them into good use. i don't think i would be able to use that palette this well. very inspiring!

b236 @ 5/16/2022 10:15 commented on Rejected Palettes - Harbor

this is amazing!

b236 @ 5/16/2022 06:30 commented on Hat: November

:D thanks for your support! ;]

b236 @ 5/16/2022 00:38 commented on Hat: November

congrats everyone! amazing pieces!
( except me - it would be weird to congratulate myself :P )

b236 @ 5/14/2022 23:39 commented on Unionovr

excellent piece!
just a small correction: there are only 14 colours.

b236 @ 5/13/2022 04:14 commented on back to the future's future future

thank you! :] yeah, one has to be careful with saturation

b236 @ 5/13/2022 01:04 commented on Vape -2022redux-

holy smokes those gradients are fabulous!

b236 @ 5/11/2022 09:01 commented on Rumney Great Wharf

lovely scene! reminds me of andrew wyeth's works.

b236 @ 5/11/2022 05:28 commented on going somewhere

yes, that's possible, it can't be over 2mb.
weerdmeester recommended shortpixel to compress gifs:

b236 @ 5/10/2022 08:55 commented on Edward the Barber

oh, no. it's that time of the month again.

congrats, cure!

b236 @ 5/9/2022 16:34 commented on pixel hunting

thank you very much! :]

b236 @ 5/9/2022 07:35 commented on Quantum Mechanics

simply excellent!

b236 @ 5/9/2022 01:43 commented on A Feast for the Goddess

i really dig this controlled noise look. and those hearts, lol!

b236 @ 5/8/2022 01:10 commented on golem

thanks! :]

b236 @ 5/7/2022 14:17 commented on The Feast

this reminds me a lot of album covers of the czech band "uz jsme doma". particularly this one. well done! 

b236 @ 5/7/2022 03:23 commented on hotel at the bottom of the crater

b236 @ 5/6/2022 12:18 commented on apples

great rendering!

b236 @ 5/6/2022 12:16 commented on M E M O - R I E S / R E X

old tapes and vhs tapes had the best package designs!

b236 @ 5/5/2022 23:53 commented on golem

thank you! :]

b236 @ 5/5/2022 09:08 commented on golem

thanks! heh, it's always those little things, right? :] it's a curse of polishing.
oh, yeah, that guy... he's decent, but not that much!

b236 @ 5/5/2022 06:07 commented on Platformer Mockups

great mockups! also, i like the clutter.

b236 @ 5/5/2022 04:26 commented on pixel hunting

thanks! yes, the palette is a bit weird, but i think it has charater. ;] i do plan to experiment with it in future.

b236 @ 5/3/2022 09:34 commented on Pixelween Contest Entry 2

it was a glitch in a matrix! ;]

b236 @ 5/3/2022 04:58 commented on Pixelween 2005 Entry

np! happened to me as well.

b236 @ 5/2/2022 01:30 commented on Pixelween 2005 Entry

just a heads-up: b8b187 is actually d0bb74 and d0ddb0 is ecda8b.
i suppose the swatches are the colours to pick, not the numbers?