Peppermint Pig @ 9/18/2005 14:04 commented on cake
 Try a blue shaded frosting color, and not so dark. Contrast on the bread is too much.

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 16:32 commented on Sorry I'm The Be(a)st
 It's indexed work big brother. And this is not 100% by hand. Lots of good hand pixeled details mixed in with brushes and other technically 'dirty' tools. It's an awesome work, and maybe results are all that matter to some people, but it's a discredit to people who actually do hand-pixeled works when someone says that's what they are doing. Anyways, consider me very impressed! Still takes a good deal of skill to design works like this!

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 16:05 commented on I'm Back
Indexed work. It's difficult to critique this kind of work as it isn't purely pixeled and what I notice to be pixeled doesn't constitute a majority.

Still, it's a nice composition, and a good Demoscene piece. I like the heiroglyphs also. The vase appears to be hovering, or is that some sort of relief work?

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 15:41 commented on Mmm, Red Velvet
 For works of this size, it's pretty good, though it uses quite a few colors and looks to be done with CG techniques and not wholly pixel art.

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 15:34 commented on Shadow Panther
 This feels like it was inspired by Camus. Pretty nifty finite :)

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 15:30 commented on Lucy Liu
While it looks like you were honest about shading the skin and face, the clothing patterns are altogether flat looking and look like they were just dropped in. Don't mean to discourage you from learning pixel art, but you have to get used to the demands of pushing and spend more time on a work.

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 15:27 commented on Utada Hikaru
Seems like too many colors. Also, some subtle colors in the darker shades just above the nose. Looks like you nudged part of the image since there is a vertical skin streak. Your skin outline color appears to be the same all throughout the work, and that could have been adjusted to improve the realism. Anti aliasing on this piece doesn't make sense. The anti aliasing shades don't appear to be used much outside of blending similar colors together. Eye outlines are very harsh, like too strong an eyeliner, but the eyes remain soft looking in comparison. I don't mean to discourage you, but you should try to learn the ropes of pixel art and tackle something like this again.

Peppermint Pig @ 9/16/2005 15:15 commented on Madison Pixelled
Looks like it was posterized/color reduced, and some of it was hand pixeled, but there are areas where I can tell you got lazy and used automated dithering, such as in the background. The carpet seems like you went back to that by hand, though.

Peppermint Pig @ 9/14/2005 10:58 commented on Oscar the Grouch
 Well, I'm certainly biased, so I should avoid saying anything about the colors and graphics, but I must admit, the green lettering in the logo is too light for people who run very high screen resolutions. I second the notion to try out a grid background, or maybe try some OTHER pixel texture backgrounds besides iso grid... diamond patterned wee silhouettes perhaps?

Now, the design! It's well thought out! It's nice to have all your site activities (Wee, TheJoint, LilDudes) easily accessible at the top of the page, as opposed to searching for them at the bottom of the page in the old layout.

The problem I always had with showing so much of the gallery on the main page was that I didn't have any incentive to see the many more works beyond the few listed. As it is now, I can click the title links to jump in, or go to the navigation menu, and I'm taken straight away to the sections, where more art can be listed, unimpeded by the other important elements of the site index.

While the backgrounds which the art sit on are a little light for my taste, I think that this index feels much more alive. However, you ought to use darker backgrounds for the forum, since people will probably spend more time reading and interacting there. Are you going to be using one of the other color schemes for that?

Peppermint Pig @ 8/26/2005 11:05 commented on Ho Demiurgos
 Has a really retro feel to it, with the absense of pure white in the palette. It's pretty good for the number of colors you limited yourself to. Don't like some of the purple backlighting details, mainly because of the horizontal and vertical streaks, but that seems to be consistent with how you deal with lighting flares and sparkle. The color choices are nice; good use of red and blue to purple on the shoulder material. I had no problem discerning the various portions of the piece as Blick suggests was an issue, though it is a very busy piece. Good job contouring lighting on the rocky looking skirt.. Could only see a few minor detail issues, but such words are more appropriate in critique of a WIP. In all, very well done, this is an excellent piece and worthy of study for the patience it took to design and pixel!

Peppermint Pig @ 8/26/2005 10:52 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis
Good color scheme. Forehead outline and ear details are not very good. Nice tall grass in the foreground, but the background in general looks very lazy. The hair looks nice at 1X, but could have used some anti aliasing against the skin and AA between some of the more jaggy strants. For size, it's impressive, but too many inconsistencies in quality.