Jinn @ 2/2/2022 19:23 commented on Lightning Bolt

Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well.

Jinn @ 1/28/2022 10:31 commented on Book Cover - Hogfather

Nice to see some Terry Pratchett love! 

Jinn @ 12/20/2021 15:37 commented on Mario


Jinn @ 9/15/2021 12:57 commented on Power Nine Moxen (MTG)

Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

Jinn @ 8/15/2021 09:42 commented on

Amazing job!

Jinn @ 7/18/2021 00:19 commented on Ten Characters I Remind My Followers Of

Mecha Xaropinho? Hahaha

Jinn @ 6/11/2021 15:51 commented on walking fish for Gottschalk

I love how this is shaping up!

Jinn @ 6/3/2021 11:01 commented on ISOrd

Love the Moria scene! 

Jinn @ 5/27/2021 12:22 commented on Big Bird

I have one :]

Jinn @ 5/24/2021 15:14 commented on Bike Shop

What a handsome salesman!

Jinn @ 5/20/2021 21:44 commented on Momoko Shake

Nice animation 

Jinn @ 5/19/2021 13:43 commented on Bunny Suit

That was a nice surprise! 

Jinn @ 5/18/2021 18:29 commented on Claire Redfield

Your preview have tons of colors/artifacts due to upscaling. Could you please upload a clean version of it?

Thanks for fixing it! Keep it up :)

Jinn @ 5/12/2021 13:40 commented on Champion Bunny-Bot Mech

Jinn @ 5/10/2021 16:52 commented on Locke and Rachel

But he tried so hard and got so far... :(

Jinn @ 5/5/2021 19:39 commented on diggydug

Thank you! I made these :)

Jinn @ 5/4/2021 14:13 commented on Locke and Rachel

Sad scene. I wish they got together in the end :(

Jinn @ 5/3/2021 12:38 commented on Safe Cave player animations

Really nice job, Hap! Reminds me a lot of Lemmings.

After a few loops the first animation bugs for 1 frame, you might want to fix that.

Jinn @ 4/29/2021 11:38 commented on Samoonrai Portrait

Nice piece, Natural!

You might want to keep an eye on the color usage tho. 
As you can see here there are lots of colors used on only single pixels. It might be due to the tool you're using to do pixelart. If you need more info on that, please use our Discord Channel or Forum. 

Keep rocking!

Jinn @ 4/27/2021 06:33 commented on 2021 Avatar

Hi Cyangmou,

Well, I'm kinda glad this piece raised this discussion. We're hearing what you said. Our image really does need to change if we want to have a healthy place for everyone. I do agree that often people get bullied right away. I was. We're always discussing the best way to approach this subject and you're very welcome to contribute with your opinion.
We discussed it internally, and therefore we're accepting your piece. I, for one, don't see a bending on the rule 5. Even though I think it would look better without the gradient, that's beyond the point here. Anyways, nice job on the octopus, keep it up!

Jinn @ 4/21/2021 08:59 commented on Zoe - Mechanic

Oh boy, I deeply miss TBA. Nice job!

Jinn @ 4/17/2021 00:35 commented on cabinet

Awesome job, Hap! 

Jinn @ 4/15/2021 22:37 commented on Private loans Brisbane | SimpliCity

Nice AA!

Jinn @ 4/11/2021 11:09 commented on ĦBROTHAAAAR! żDo you know to the Wae?

It was just a bonus challenge! haha

Jinn @ 4/7/2021 11:48 commented on fc11

I love all of these! Nice job everyone!