pipe @ 5/1/2011 02:37 commented on self-portrait

 thanks, I am working on a smaller portrait right now, It looks much better than this one.

pipe @ 4/22/2011 03:56 commented on self-portrait

 thank you.I will rather draw a portait of my classmate because I think it will improve my skills more than it would if I just recoloured and changed some minor things on this piece

pipe @ 4/20/2011 12:12 commented on Cow waiting

its a fine, little piece but its front leg closer to us has a jaggy edge 

pipe @ 3/24/2011 12:09 commented on Big Bird

 its been so long since I last visited this place... after some real life drawing its time to get back to pixel art and I will be much better at it too... its time for me to submit my first piece that can be called pixel art :) 

pipe @ 10/6/2010 09:08 commented on Human head 2

thanks.I kind of knew these problems but I was bored with this piece so I didnt correct them.This is just a practice and this character has no personality.When I get good enough I will try to draw an interesting portrait of a famous person like Johann Sebastian Bach, Niccolo Paganini or Nikola Tesla :)

pipe @ 10/6/2010 09:03 commented on some random human head

this one is awful i know but my 2nd is a bit better 

pipe @ 9/7/2010 13:30 commented on dragon-like monster

I agree with you.Everything you say is true but I wont bother with this one anymore it was just for practice 

pipe @ 9/2/2010 13:01 commented on Cave elf

The book looks interesting I will get it.Thanks for the advice I will try it on paper although I dont have very still hand so I avoid drawing on paper but, hey, if I want to become some kind of artist it is necessary to draw on paper .

pipe @ 8/29/2010 02:56 commented on cyclops

I wanted it to look like the lightsource is on the top right side but I didnt make it obvious enough.I need to practice shading. 

pipe @ 8/27/2010 08:10 commented on Lighthouse

 yes I see what you mean thank you

pipe @ 8/27/2010 06:02 commented on warrior hat 01

 for example look at the helmet facing the left side and then look at its upper right corner... you see the curved part where you used only one grey color?it looks flat, at least thats what I think

pipe @ 8/27/2010 03:13 commented on warrior hat 01

 Its ok but in some areas it appears flat.You need to shade those areas

pipe @ 8/27/2010 03:07 commented on Big Bird

 @Hatch:Thanks.I will make one today.

pipe @ 8/27/2010 03:04 commented on cyclops

 @Hatch:yes maybe a little to ambitious, yes I should have spent more time on the sketch before coloring the whole thing.This was a good practice, maybe I will do more later.

pipe @ 8/26/2010 17:26 commented on Big Bird

 I think I will make a remake now that I am no longer total newb as soon as I finish my current work.Maybe we should start the whole thing again 

pipe @ 8/26/2010 17:04 commented on old raven

Oh yeah,  I forgot to change the avatar.Thx for reminding me

pipe @ 8/26/2010 16:05 commented on Skull

 its ok but I think it would look better without dithering.Why dither if you use 25 colors which is relatively lot for this image?

EDIT:oops... I didnt see the Manupixs comment until now 

pipe @ 12/19/2009 11:49 commented on Elk Sprite

 man you are my idol.Please dont leave like this.

pipe @ 12/19/2009 10:19 commented on Big Bird

yes I was going to ask him the same thing... :(

Pixel joint gallery is at great loss...

pipe @ 12/17/2009 14:36 commented on Big Bird

 yes ok I will change that fadatar soon lol

pipe @ 12/17/2009 13:59 commented on Big Bird

 I think I am becoming addicted to pixel art...

pipe @ 12/17/2009 12:41 commented on Faris

 you are great at animation.I think I will try to learn something about animating by looking at this little character.

pipe @ 12/16/2009 02:44 commented on some grass tiles

 thank you for your comment.It really means much to me when such a great artist tells me that I did a good job.Will try to fix the cliffs

pipe @ 12/15/2009 10:17 commented on Arquebusier

 his head moves before he fires a bullet?The animation is nice so is the character but I think his head moves a bit strange maybe....

pipe @ 12/15/2009 03:18 commented on Rust Mesa

 You can really learn much about shading by looking at this picture

I think I will observe it for another 30 minutes...