Haruna @ 12/18/2009 09:18 commented on RPG-Tree V3

The time you took to make this shows! Each leaf helps give a sense of depth and movement at the same time. Only 10 colors....Daaaang

Haruna @ 12/1/2009 06:48 commented on Bug

Thank you for posting that sample pallet, I'll have to play with it some time. ^^

Haruna @ 10/5/2009 03:01 commented on Original Char Redux

Thank you for the compliment. ^_^  As a noob, they're so encouraging! \^0^/

Haruna @ 8/29/2009 22:57 commented on Original Char Redux

Good advice on finding shades, thank you. My current avatar(pink haired elf-ish one) is taken from some old photos of me. >_> I'd probably help this piece by throwing this skin pallet on...I'll certainly try that for starters! I tend to do things at 800%+, contrast seems all right at that level but zoom out and...gee, where'd it go?

Haruna @ 8/28/2009 18:55 commented on Original Char Redux

kvetacek -I should use a darker shade to pull the fingers away and accentuate the knuckles but then I'm sure the top part.

Haruna @ 8/28/2009 18:46 commented on Original Char Redux

philipptr-Thank you for the comment, especially for the skin contrast issue, I agree with it. I stayed away from the darker shades mainly because I don't like my choices for them. Picking a good Asian-ish pallet wish shades that look like skin and not mud has been a challenge. If you have any recommendations on how to handle that sort of thing, I'd greatly welcome them.

Haruna @ 5/26/2009 09:29 commented on Young Rydia

Her right leg does look a little off...I wanted to try and bring it forward but keep in line with the shadow of the other leg since the light source is from the left...I'll see if I can find some photo refs.

Haruna @ 1/14/2009 04:20 commented on Ammon 2nd Coming
The feet still bother me, that's for sure.  I'm still working on soft lighting on non-glossy surfaces. :X

Haruna @ 1/14/2009 04:18 commented on CHEESE!!!!!
And like golf, I'm gonna give the cheese another shot. I really admire your dithering technique you used for yours and I'd like to get a handle on it myself.  You'll probably see a few more random types of cheese showing up here until I get it down. I did this entirely from memory, but I don't really know of too many unique-looking cheese types. :X I'll see how far I go before I break down and look at photo references.

Haruna @ 1/7/2009 05:04 commented on Ho,ho,HIC !!! (Did someone call Santa?)
Everything Rodrigo said! Especially the colors....

Haruna @ 1/7/2009 05:01 commented on CHEESE!!!!!
I really love the cheese in your gallery so I thought I'd try and create my own from memory. Your cheese has a very appealing rind to it that mine doesn't have, but mine has more holes! :D

Haruna @ 1/3/2009 00:25 commented on August
Amazing use of color!

Haruna @ 12/3/2008 05:12 commented on Forbidden Fruits
Nice cheese, well dithered there! :O

Brie and apples are a tasty combination. ;)

Haruna @ 12/3/2008 05:11 commented on Cucuri the Verdant
Thank you very much, you've got an amazing icon there. :O

Haruna @ 12/3/2008 05:10 commented on Cucuri the Verdant
Thank you kindly, I'm pretty happy with the results too.

As for the chin, good question.  It makes the face stand out for sure.
I posted a non-black chin version here...

The dark chin thing worked on this previous piece, seen here.
I'm thinking of doing a game with these 2 as playable characters so I've got to have some consistency between all the characters. ;)

Haruna @ 12/3/2008 03:33 commented on Cucuri the Verdant
I agree with the bad mojo on the legs, and I've thrown in a few edits that I hope should fix the leg issues.

Thank you for your constructive comment!

Haruna @ 11/12/2008 05:13 commented on Ammon the Scarlet
To an extent, you're right. However, to be truly "Pillow Shaded" I would have just incrementally traced the inside of the arm with increasingly lighter colors until I ran out of room. I could have used a darker color for the cast shadows from the shawl, but otherwise, I'm pretty pleased considering this is one of my first works. Actually, no I'm not. The highlights on the hair curls are a disaster. :O

Here is a prime example of pillow shading at its worst.

Haruna @ 9/23/2008 12:31 commented on knight
Very nice, I like the glow the character gives off.