Claes @ 6/22/2009 18:58 commented on What's that?!

This is bloody great! Love the idea! nicely pulled of to on that smal space.

Claes @ 5/28/2009 04:52 commented on monstaaah

Think I shall give this a try, always wanted to do a ingame mockup and the theam does intrest me.

Claes @ 4/29/2009 03:59 commented on Shadow of the Demon

This is acully something I would LOVE to play, looks really fun. Adventuring thrue hell with whitty dialogs and actions agains devils. This is really pure win in my book. :)

Art also very good (alltho more detail could have been added, you have the time afterall, instead of making the face and backgrund exactly the same on both sides) otherwise looks something that is very convinsingly a old gameboy game. I say go back in time and make this NOW!


Claes @ 4/26/2009 10:37 commented on Kung fu - Remade

The whitehair old man really looks like a girly Saruman :P sorry, just had to say it.

Anyway! Good work! would have loved to se it a bit longer, the old man could atleast block the first hit, then get defeated by the second blow. Right now hes just standing there waiting for the incomming hit. also, he seems to lose no hp from that hit. You should make it as hes near death and then reduse the last bit of the hpbar.

Also you could inprove on the background, feels like there is a style clash with the front bar (that has the portraits and the lifebar) and the fighting sene, the motive can be alot more styleized and interesting then what it is now.

Also, as ThereIsNoCure said, you need to look it, cant se it more then ones right now.

Claes @ 3/22/2009 01:36 commented on Blog image.

True, but it aully is supose to be seen zoomed in. As I made the image 4x larger (so one pixel becomes4x4 pixels) on the blog itself. Then it works rather fine. should maybe mention that on the description

Claes @ 12/5/2008 09:10 commented on Cliffs with trees.
Yes indeed, I has hoping to hear alittle more what pepole thought about it. A little dissepointed by that :/

But thanks for your comment. Agree, the contrast is a bit of a problem, tryed to reuse as many colors as i could on this, and that made it endup beening difficult making a bigger diffrence on the foregrund and the backgrund. I know there should be a way with the colors im useing to fix that, but dont know how yet.

Claes @ 11/17/2008 14:58 commented on Monkey On Our Backs
Even more freedome then Skeddles!
No, but really... with 150x150px as the maximum, as ThereIsNoCure said, it should not be that hard to make something that looks like the image... If someone cant make it with that size, then it wont matter what size it is.

Claes @ 11/17/2008 08:36 commented on Dissection of a Twinky
I have now one less thing that bothers me, as I now know the secret of the twinky! Thanks!

I would love to se more dissections of other tasty things :)

Claes @ 11/17/2008 07:21 commented on Monkey On Our Backs
Skeddles: If there is no body shown in the image, that does not mean you cant make up one yourself right? Its better like this as we now have more freedome of how the body of the character may look like.

Claes @ 11/3/2008 06:32 commented on Juzz and Ist Pose for Photo
boring? unfavorable? I would acully say that this is one of the most intersting challangesthat I have seen yet!

I find a challange with strict restrictions in the rules, as the mundane subjectmatter and the colour restriction this time, and then try and make it interesting is the hole charm with challanges! Whats the point if its to open or go hand in hand with work you can do without having a challange for it?
It feels like alot of pepole have a hard time thinking outside the box if they complain about a challange like this :/

If you se what you only want to se, why even participate?

Claes @ 10/18/2008 02:10 commented on Zombeh & Ghoulie
I think there is still alot of thing you could have improved with this one, seems you still keept most of how your first WIP looked like. The colour is better indeed, but I otherwise think the same changes would be needed as I told you about before at the forum. Atleast a background would had been nice to se :/

Claes @ 10/14/2008 11:28 commented on SMLL PPLZ
I really enjo this one, a very inspireing piece for me. They way you have made them is extremly effective even tho there so smal.

Claes @ 10/13/2008 02:02 commented on A flickering tension.
So, could use more monsters? haha well, not really the point. but thanks for the comments :)

Claes @ 9/21/2008 14:22 commented on The Trolls of Skurugata.

 Alltho, I feelt that the red, beeing one of the strongest colors in the pallet I really did not want to over use it. And rather use its way of attracting atention to a more consentrated areas to make the effect of the scene more inpactfull.

Claes @ 9/11/2008 23:07 commented on SteamRobot.
Ineed you are right. Well, feelt that at the moment i could not handel the body very well, and was acully not to consernd about it. Most likely I will return to this piece to fix that.

And ya, I love the smoke to, tryed to make it relativly more "relalistic" smok first, but well... It dident just work out with the colors I was already using, so I tryed something new (for me!).

Thank you for the comment :)

Claes @ 9/9/2008 09:50 commented on SteamRobot.
Thank you! its feels nice to be here. :)