fawful @ 6/30/2019 02:58 commented on Old Growth

oh ok i misunderstood lol

fawful @ 6/24/2019 09:57 commented on Old Growth

what you haven't seen those pictures of old bikes and stuff that get embedded in trees as they grow around it?

thanks btw !

fawful @ 2/11/2019 09:46 commented on Swamp Beast

now that you mentioned pinsir i look at it and kinda see the flying beetle item from skyward sword

fawful @ 2/10/2019 14:08 commented on Swamp Beast

really enjoy how weird this guy looks, nice stuff

fawful @ 2/7/2019 05:39 commented on Copycat Appears

[cue mr batty twist, but that's mainly just because i like the track]

fawful @ 2/7/2019 01:48 commented on Copycat Appears

thanks !

fawful @ 2/6/2019 15:21 commented on S&W Magnum

lookin good !

fawful @ 2/6/2019 13:41 commented on Cute lil tank

haha, thanks. I was going for surprise !

fawful @ 12/3/2018 14:09 commented on Marble Birch Forest

@every1, thanks for the kind words xxx

fawful @ 12/3/2018 14:06 commented on Marble Birch Forest

hey thanks, Ilkke. long time fan of your work so that makes my day

fawful @ 11/20/2018 14:02 commented on Pink Skies

lil fella's just waking up from a quick snooze

fawful @ 11/20/2018 13:59 commented on RED ROBOT ON FIRE

interesting premise

fawful @ 11/6/2018 04:03 commented on Cute lil tank

oh yeah, that would have been great. I ended up making this in a pretty short amount of time since it was for a pixel daily so I didn't want to do too much

fawful @ 3/14/2018 12:20 commented on Rocket launch


Yeah, in reality that area should be lit up more. The shading on the top of the fins is more to describe the shape of the edge coming to a point, with the underside being flatter so that the lit parts of it aren't visible.

fawful @ 12/12/2017 13:38 commented on Cedra

haha this is magnificent

fawful @ 11/28/2017 14:38 commented on Borealopelta

holy frick

fawful @ 11/19/2017 03:53 commented on Maple Forest

Thanks !

I didn't want to animate the leaves in the foreground because it would be so much work. But they didn't look right not moving at all so this was a kind of compromise.

fawful @ 3/23/2016 07:59 commented on Lots Of Mushrooms

very nice atmosphere

fawful @ 2/2/2016 04:20 commented on niss

The fraction of this interview I read is facinating but unfortunately I have things to do today so I'll have to come back to it.

fawful @ 1/12/2016 07:01 commented on A Distant Sound

Nice to see your work again, iLKke

fawful @ 1/11/2016 05:30 commented on Niflheim

For the dithered gradient I used the dither settings in, which are a bit tedius generally but for this it was fine. If you mean the paralax animation it was largely scripted in GM

fawful @ 12/30/2015 05:34 commented on Papyrus encounter

Thanks for the nice words, everyone.


I would like to see that too, I don't however, feel like doing it :):):):):).

Ok, maybe.

fawful @ 12/26/2015 15:43 commented on Secret Santa 2015

Nicely done on the rings and things

fawful @ 12/10/2015 11:32 commented on Ultimate Jaliversary parambulation sequence

Thanks, I was surprised I could even do it.

fawful @ 12/6/2015 04:02 commented on Doll-MaidBot


Scarab emote should be official.