Damian @ 1/22/2021 03:43 commented on Theseus and the Minotaur

Saw this in the queue yeterday. Looks great.

Damian @ 1/17/2021 15:51 commented on Wailing Caverns

I'm liking the vibrant feeling here.

Damian @ 1/17/2021 15:47 commented on The Break-Up

Looks great as always man.

Damian @ 1/17/2021 15:36 commented on prat

The leg animation is very exaggerated which makes it look comical which I like. I hope thats what you were going for because its spot on.

Damian @ 1/17/2021 14:57 commented on Discworld Arcade Mockup

To be honest even if they're not his best I'm almost certain they're more entertaining than most books out there. Its cool to see that his work is still continuing, I think BBC are doing another tv series based on the books (hopefully good) and I'm sure there will be more in the future. 

Damian @ 1/17/2021 14:49 commented on Dragon Quest Mockup

I tried using current topics at the time to push the dialoge. I hope the one about misgendering a gnome doesn't offend anyone. I'm not sure if I thought at the time if it was clever or funny, the point was to make people aware that there are consequences to making assumptions in a funny way, but not sure I pulled it off. I actually removed some notes from this post because I'm sure only I would find them funny. The notes lead to a quest and depending on how you do the quest there are concequences to the characters Sigril and Erril.

I bought GMS2 just before christmas so I do plan to make this game at somepoint, but first I plan to program Checkers, and then chess as an excersice to improve with GML. Once I've done that who knows, maybe I'll finally make this.

Damian @ 1/17/2021 14:49 commented on Dragon Quest Mockup

I actually made this well over a year ago. At the time it was supposed to be an emulation of the early DQ games to help me learn to program better, but story wise its not like dragon quest at all. Infact it was going to be very silly. Here's a few examples of notes that would be left in the game world. I've never written in my life so its probably not all that great.

=========  Sigril The Distinguished Gnomeosipher - Self titled.
- Only few alive today study gnomes as I do, or ever did. Which is why so little is known about their habits, their past, races and cultures.
Note to self: The local Funguy Gnomes aren't to keen on my intent to study them. One named Erril threw a rock at me.
- I know more about gnomes than any other Gnomeosipher alive. Some might say I gnome more than any other!
- If you see a gnome with a floppity hat, be sure to tell it. A gnome can't tell if its hat is floppity, unless it was on the toppity of the tip of its nose.
- Did you know, some gnomes doesn't grow, but grow does its hat. As tall as a tree some say. A very small tree, but its all the same so they'll have you know.
- A gnome isn't a he, a her, a him or a she. It's best you learn that now, before you learn it the hard way. 
"Alright sir, it was an easy mistake!". "Oh, My aching head!".
- Ever wonder how fast a gnome is? Faster than you and me my dear friend, much faster. Don't...anger...a...gnome! 
"Alright, yes I know sir. That was the third time this week".
-Note to self: twice as fast, if not more.
- A magical note: 
Between you and me, Gnomes aren't too pretty. I've used magic to give you an idea of just how not so pretty they are.
__The page starts to tranform__
__On the page is a picture of__
Note to self - "Truely terrifying I'm sure".
- Gnomes send messages by birds I hear. They're calling it twitter. 
- The local Gnomes are starting a new mail deilivery service around here. "Gnome mail", or Gmail for short. 
-Note to self: Not sure it'll catch on.
- Fun fact about Funguy Gnomes. They're one of the Horticious races. Which is the reason why their hats grow, they're actually mushrooms!
- --The--majority--of-- All Gnomes are inquisitive, intelectual creatures. 
"There we go Erril, does that make you happy? Yes I've written it down!"
Note to self : Who don't share their knowledge :@

Damian @ 1/17/2021 12:49 commented on Discworld Arcade Mockup

I love this so much. Terry Pratchett is my all time favourite author. I've only got a small number of his books, most  of the books I've read were from librerarys when I was younger. I still have about 3 books of his that I haven't read, I believe they were the last 3 books he published. I really should get to reading them.

Damian @ 10/12/2020 12:42 commented on #

Yeah I love this. Even the little preview pic is awesome.

Damian @ 10/11/2020 13:48 commented on Skeleton Idle

Well you see the laws of physics don't always apply to the walking dead. Especially those with purple flaming hair.

Damian @ 10/11/2020 11:41 commented on Bubble Tea

Loving the vibrant colours! I've tried bubble tea once, not my cuppa tea if you know what I mean.

Damian @ 4/5/2020 23:52 commented on Runs in the Family

Great running annimations. I love that each character has their own defined running style. Gives them character. Going to save this as a reference for the future!

Damian @ 4/5/2020 23:44 commented on Pixie Gal

Very cool. And also very clean polished.

Damian @ 10/28/2019 01:10 commented on Is it Portrait?!!!

Ah man, this gives me nostalgia. Never ending story needs a reboot.

Damian @ 10/6/2019 12:08 commented on Dungeoning - Cave Griffin Battle Animations

Loving those little characters! 

Damian @ 9/29/2019 13:30 commented on Desertopolis

Nice colours and asthetic. You could easily make a tileset and make something a bit bigger :)

Damian @ 9/29/2019 13:26 commented on Little Red vs Big Red

Liking this. I think you could take the bigger one a bit further without increasing the work load. Little things like claws coming out of the wings or tail, or both. Also hope you don't mind a bit of critique, but that lighting ( brightest colour ) on the larger one looks a bit off, It looks a bit too yellow? 

Damian @ 9/25/2019 01:12 commented on Ratti. Part of the map.

Really liking how there are three different perspectives here and it still looks great. Also this reads so well for only 4 colours, you've done an amazing job so far.

Damian @ 9/16/2019 09:24 commented on Shocked Invader

Agree with Sohei. Everything is super smooth here. Can't fault a single thing.

Damian @ 9/16/2019 09:12 commented on Get outta my space

Yeah I know, just ddn't want 3 different entries.

Damian @ 9/15/2019 13:31 commented on ZENITSU

We can tell who the character is and you're getting the right shapes in, which is great. For me the improvemnts will come with time. You have some single pixel noise here and there, and some lines could cleaner too.

Love this anime btw.

Damian @ 9/15/2019 13:24 commented on How We Die - Progressive UI

Looks great. The reds are very dark btw, not an issue, just comparing it to brightnes of the orange and green.

Damian @ 9/6/2019 10:53 commented on Firefox V. Chrome

Haha, awesome idea.

Damian @ 9/3/2019 11:31 commented on Mimic

Really cool, love the colour choices and the animation is well done overall. Looks like it could be put straight into a game.

Damian @ 9/3/2019 11:22 commented on Whose Even Kid Is This?

Wow, everything looks soo good.Love how you managed to get the floor to look wet even as it goes into the background.