Photocopier @ 4/3/2017 08:01 commented on Balloon

2 of the entries appear to be in there by mistake.

Photocopier @ 8/9/2015 14:34 commented on Big Bird

Saw a troubling piece of news just now. Guess not even the pixels are safe. 

Photocopier @ 11/11/2014 14:08 commented on Drag race

Hey Faw, looking snazzy.

Photocopier @ 9/19/2014 12:49 commented on Big Bird

Ancient mosaics don't count?

Photocopier @ 9/5/2014 08:41 commented on Final Boss Veigar idle animation

As the pixel placement is pretty much exactly the same as the official in game version I think this is technically against the rules unfortunately.

Photocopier @ 8/11/2014 17:41 commented on Practise 3 Update: new stuff

Love your pixel art, you have a keen eye for cluster placement. I'd like to see some more characters from you, a full mockup perhaps?

Photocopier @ 8/5/2014 09:23 commented on Big Bird

Yesterday's Boulet comic was pretty cool.

Photocopier @ 7/16/2014 04:03 commented on Agony and Ecstasy

Well technically, some women are contortionists. 

Photocopier @ 7/11/2014 16:09 commented on Big Bird

Not going to resize to fit into the message box.

Photocopier @ 7/9/2014 02:45 commented on Big Bird

Yep, but usually quality wins over quantity.

Photocopier @ 6/6/2014 05:40 commented on Traveling the lands of sillis

Would tupperware remix party be cheating? Since they already look like rpg characters.

Photocopier @ 4/8/2013 15:43 commented on Interchangable Avatar

 Winter is coming?

Photocopier @ 12/20/2012 09:57 commented on Big Bird

 Anyone notice that there seems to be a claim that the world is going to end about once a year? I imagine when it does end it will be entirely unexpected.

Photocopier @ 12/20/2012 09:55 commented on Big Bird

The Mayan calendar is very disimilar to the gregorian calendar, you should probably read a bit about it rather than parroting wherever you found that nugget of misinformation.

Photocopier @ 12/15/2012 18:01 commented on Big Bird

 The trick is to vote two at a middle-ish amount and then change one to all the circles and the other to 1 to watch them quickly change places.

Doesn't work at the top but it's fun in a standard weekly queue.

Photocopier @ 12/15/2012 17:53 commented on Big Bird

 Yes the joy of being level 11 is that feeling of raw rating power.

Photocopier @ 7/11/2012 13:13 commented on Big Bird

 Don't you leave every couple of months?

Photocopier @ 7/10/2012 06:17 commented on Preacherlogo

 fantastic entries this week, really brought out everyone's imagination.

Photocopier @ 7/10/2012 06:10 commented on Big Bird

So many old jrpg sprites.

Photocopier @ 6/19/2012 13:45 commented on Sticker people

It won the contest! This is what the shirts look like:

Photocopier @ 6/18/2012 18:10 commented on Big Bird

 But meat is delicious. As long as something is delicious and doesn't make me physically ill, I shall eat it.

Photocopier @ 6/15/2012 08:37 commented on Big Bird I really ought to tidy them up a bit.

Photocopier @ 2/11/2012 16:23 commented on Big Bird

You need to enter more challenges, that is not a very large green collection! 

Photocopier @ 1/31/2012 09:54 commented on Big Bird

That happened to me, but when I phoned them to drop the channels the guy gave me more channels for less than I thought I'd be paying for basic tv. 

Photocopier @ 1/28/2012 05:42 commented on Big Bird

Wasn't the pixelart on the scott pilgrim game probertson?

I think he's very good at his 'style' and his animation is very smooth, but I'm not personally into that sort of cartoonish animé look.