gawrone @ 8/4/2021 14:44 commented on Kain's Sword

Few months ago I made over 30 and I was sure it was enough for the podium. Oh how wrong I was :)

gawrone @ 8/4/2021 11:23 commented on Kain's Sword

Now I just need the bronze one in my collection.

gawrone @ 8/4/2021 03:04 commented on avatar

Beautiful. Lot of AA here helps to achieve the bandage softnes and that tasty dithering of the two coloured background is just the icing on the cake.

gawrone @ 8/4/2021 02:13 commented on Frostmourne Cavern


gawrone @ 7/28/2021 15:29 commented on Flynn and Rival

Splendid spritework.

gawrone @ 7/27/2021 02:19 commented on Cynic RPG Party

Thank you. If you like the palette you can try it for yourself. It is brilliant.

gawrone @ 7/26/2021 03:09 commented on so many lines

I will try to find an iteresting were-something.

gawrone @ 7/26/2021 03:04 commented on Cynic RPG Party

Probably the most pacifistic RPG party ever. 0 fighters, close nor ranged combat, so they probably couldn't last long in real

gawrone @ 7/25/2021 15:33 commented on RPG FORQ

Michael League is Awesome, but I think you uploaded only the logo file without the band member sprites.

gawrone @ 7/25/2021 12:57 commented on Big Bird

No, but you can click "Random unrated pixel art" button on every art page (just under comment section).

gawrone @ 7/25/2021 00:34 commented on Nightwish RPG Party

Admit it, you picked Anette to avoid the Tarja vs Floor battle in the comments ;)

gawrone @ 7/25/2021 00:17 commented on Hilltop Hoods RPG Party

Wow, so much detail. Those clothes are incredible.

gawrone @ 7/24/2021 09:30 commented on Cynic RPG Party

Thank you all! I wanted to make few bands but it's definately not happening.

gawrone @ 7/24/2021 01:14 commented on The Smiths

Multilevel pun, but also great art.

gawrone @ 7/24/2021 01:12 commented on Queen RPG

You kicked ass in this challenge man!

gawrone @ 7/23/2021 03:53 commented on Big Bird

Happy birthday Quiara!

gawrone @ 7/22/2021 23:24 commented on pixelween contest entry

I was working on my own entry yesterday and I realised that the canvas really could be bigger. I just copied the max stats from previous RPG party challenge, and haven't given it any thought. I have learned that I should at least run a quick test before.

But on the other side - good practice of working within limitations :)

gawrone @ 7/22/2021 04:35 commented on Big Bird

I agree, but understanding colour theory is important in most visual arts, and control over number of colours it is specific for few.

Also, (that was also stated by cmmrc), better colour theory understanding can make your piece better as a work of art. Smaller palette is much more neutral, and usually doesn't lead to any judgement about quality of artwork, but can make your pixel art be more true to it's roots, and identify clearer with the category of pixel art, even if the category itself is being constantly expanded and experimented with, of course with awesome results.

better art =/= better pixel art =/= better representative of pixel art

I'm sure that if someone who doesn't know what pixel art is, want's to see an example, you will not show an experementative, boundary breaking piece, but something 'pixel pure' - can I use that? :)

And I wish to say that you made a great point that "palette control" is much wider term. I was using that term wrong the entire time as control over quantity, while control over it's quality is also... a control... and far more important one. In pixel art those two types of controlling palette are probably much more interconnected, than in other art forms. Would you agree?

gawrone @ 7/22/2021 02:56 commented on Big Bird

@DioShiba, nobody said you are against the PJ.

Nobody said you are villifying the site.

Nobody is getting nervous at you.

Nobody finds it a kicker that you changed your mind and nobody implies that it means anything else.

I think it is also not cool that you portray yourself as a victim becasue you think you are the only one who sees this discussion has multiple points, and look at the both sides. Everybody does that and nobody is attacking you.

Also nobody said his style wasn't that great. People just said the palette contol could be better. So who you would agree with?

The discussion was about palette control as important part of pixel art, and based on probertson piece. You joined and the most returning argument you used was about how great artists are allowed to choose the rules which they want to follow. What are you saying now? That it was not an argument in discussion but just some random thought to share? And you were not "picking a side" but acted as a celestial observer?

If so than ok. Fine. Glad we have reached understanding.

gawrone @ 7/22/2021 00:12 commented on 2019 FRUA challenge

Epic! Looking at this makes me contemplate how tiny I am next to the universe :)

gawrone @ 7/21/2021 23:39 commented on Big Bird

1) You are confusing two different questions now.

2) I just wrote why I made the assumption, so... deja vu :)

3) You wrote "art is subjective", not metaldev.

4) metaldev didn't wrote that probertson's piece has really that poor palette control, and no one else did but you. Again you are "putting ideas into other people's words", so I could now suspect this is a projection.

5) vrine didn't ask for mansplaining about purism, just said she don't get why it is used as a dirty word.

6) Literally no one ever wrote, that they have to be as good as the artists from the previous generations. What does that even mean? You mean previous generation artists were better? Wow. Why?

I think that you continue to confuse breaking the rules for artistic reason with ignoring the rules becasue "I don't care". But that's something I already wrote, so we are here again :) You seem to pushing a thought, that great artists just are allowed to decide which rules to break, becasue they know how, becasue they are great artists, but it is just a tiny bit more complicated. If you are comparing Robertson to van Gogh than I really wish for him, that it will become true. Nevertheless, just becasue someone decides to ignore a "rule" in pixel art piece, doesn't automaticly make that a groundbreaking masterpiece of progressiveness. If it doesn't serve any purpouse, it means it's just sloppy or ignorant. And yes, manual pixel conrol first, than palette control as significant, and I failed to find any mythical purist, who suggested otherwise. I do belive they exist, just haven't seen any :)

gawrone @ 7/21/2021 15:00 commented on Big Bird

@DioShiba You started the post with "I'm glad you asked" but there is no actual answer there. 

1) You could stay for many possible reasons. One of them suggested by cmmrc - becasue some people could try to make a specific gallery open to more "progressive" range of works. 

2) I'm reading all your posts. You don't read mine, becasue you tend to explain over and over "breaking the rules", while it is widely known and obvious thing, or things I already wrote about, like why Dogma95 is a partially wrong example.

3) Art is not subjective. Contemplation of art might be. Mostly. But there are areas where it can be very intersubjective as well.

4) Nobody said the palette control was "that" bad. It is your exaggeration. It just could be better, aspecially when the art is soo good at other things.

5) I'm very sure it was accepted becasue it is a great art, and have many values, while palette control is not one of them. I'm getting frustrated with this 0-1 thinking implications. And yet I couldn't find any mythical purist quote suggesting any hard demarcation of PA/NPA, based on specific number of colours. But I'm sure that if it had thousands of colours it wouldn't be accepted - a thought I'm expressing for n-th time already, and I'm sure most of pixel artist would agree.

6) You don't have to let yourself me damned. If you feel I misinterpreted your words, you can just explain why you used impresionism vs old masters as an example in this debate. A debate about colour palette control as an important value in pixel art, and not (as you constantly trying to put in other people's words) a demarcation tool between PA/NPA. If I made you feel offended, I'm very sorry. But if I got your words wrong, they are still a mystery to me, and your post doesn't provide any explanations.

7) Ahhh, those emotions. Making theoretical debates on the internet impossible since the 90's :D

I have to go to sleep, so thank you for your engagement in this debate. It is interesting just to paricipate in it, but it may also help in finding answers what to do with probelms like that in the future.

gawrone @ 7/21/2021 10:48 commented on German Philosophers

Thanks mate! 

gawrone @ 7/21/2021 10:25 commented on Big Bird

So basically you are comparing the galleries rejecting impresionists "becasue it is not a painting, it is an impression" to PJ accepting arts and some people commenting "it have a bit too much colours but it is great nevertheless".

And you think that decades later PJ will be seen as those evil ones who was blind enough to not aknowledge new rising brilliant and innovative genre of art - 'pixel art with poor palette control'? :D

We can discuss forever about high artistic value of experimenting but I will say that again. This started becasue a great artist had poor palette control on a great piece, someone spotted that, discussion started, the artist got offended and insulted everyone for no reason. How can you defend that as a groundbreaking experimentative artistic achievement?

gawrone @ 7/21/2021 10:07 commented on Big Bird

Exactly. If being progressive in oil painting would only mean to experiment with other techniques and materials, it would be doomed. Also when a painer decides to glue an umbrela to a painting it is not categorised as oil painting anymore. It's mixed technique.

I don't think that friction is happening becasue people want to broaden the boundaries of a specific gallery, but becasue they do not agree where those boundaries are. If PJ would be called "traditional pixel art gallery", not just "pixel art gallery", al the experimentators and innovators would have no ground to be offended. But from my understanding PJ want to do both - honour the tradition of pixel art and be open for it's natural evolution. This mean that this tension will remain a constant state.

If PJ is not open for mixed media, it is definately open for experimenting with pixel art, and this is where I wish to get back to the piece that started this discussion:

Being consciously indifferent about palette control without any artistic, conceptual or theoretical justification, or any indication that this is some sort of a deliberately chosen mean of expression to achieve a specific goal, does not count as experimenting in pixel art.

And after saying that I want to clarify, that something like "with this piece I wanted to make a manifesto, to critique the rule of low colour palette in pixel art, so I purpousely went overboard with it to make a statement obvious" would count, but "I don't care, fuck you, you are not an authority, you are a nazi" would not.