gawrone @ 1/24/2022 02:39 commented on Yu-Gi-Oh! Large

I do relate with that experience. I have ADD and reading for me was always difficult (I very often have to get back the whole paragraph, becasue I was following the text with my eyes, but my mind was eslwhere). I feel that pressure all around and I do not agree with the non-reader shaming. 1) Becasue not everyone have to like to read books same as not everyone have to like watching shows, and 2) becasue it is not encouraging at all, but rather alienating people from books. It is not a better way to consume stories but a very different experience, not essential in life but still worth having.

Back to the challenge. In my opinion graphic novel is still a book so you can go with your favorite comic. I will defend that entry if I will have to ;) Also you can cheat a little and make a cover for a book of which you watched an adaptation movie or show and really liked it and heard that the books are good too

gawrone @ 1/24/2022 02:15 commented on Yu-Gi-Oh! Large

Fun fact:
This thing uses an algoritm to generate a list of best books, based on other best books lists, mostly those ranked by specialists not fans, so I think we could say it is the closest to being objective as we possibly can get?

Anyway I'm almost sure that the highest ranked graphic novel here is Watchmen by Alan Moore on 405 spot which in my opinion is pretty high if you consider how many great books are there, and how bad rep graphic novels get. I guess you won't find any more "actual" proof that graphic novels are books than this, besides winning an argumentative debate.

But also, try to read non graphic novel books aswell, and if you have trouble, difficulty or inability to read phisical books, (or no time becasue you work on pixels like many of us :P) go audiobooks - it is pretty easy nowadays in mobile apps and it's really worth it.

gawrone @ 1/24/2022 00:42 commented on KiwiBara

Too bad, the challenge clock is unbribable. But who needs challenges when you have one of the cutest animals of the world?

gawrone @ 1/20/2022 00:43 commented on Gryphon

Yes, I will agree this time :) I generalised and forgot that people, even before any personality develops, differ very much in how much they are self-criticizing and self-doubting - not entirely related to actual skill they have and level of  awereness of it. So a kid can be proud of a crappy drawing not only becasue they don't know how crappy it is, but also becasue they are "enlightened" and confident (in a healthy or unhealthy way).

I also agree about that bravery, but I'm not sure I would call it that. And I understand the academic artistic education is all about  "draw what you see not what you know" which kids are still free of, but I wouldn't say that kids draw differently becasue they draw what they "know" (read imagine), not what they see. It is always a mixture but kids are not yet tought what is culturally expected (which is kinda good I think). My perfect example i remember is a kid who drawed an eight legged cat. It happened not becasue had a such amazing imagination (which we adults often envy), but becasue looking at a cat from a side they sew 4 legs, and from the other side also 4 legs, and was asked to draw it a in top view :D

I do miss the freedom I had before knowing anything but this is a standard thing in any arts forms. Same with music. People who learned any music theory often feel limited in composing, compared to what interesting things they could come up with before having any theoretical knowledge. This freedom (is supposed to) come back when you internalize a healthy relation to "rules" that they are a language of description of what is already good, not a set of limitations for creating something good. Or the freedom will get back when you reach the master level. :D

I would also like to find out what, where and when culturally limits drawing laser-dragon-robots as apropriate for children only... and kill it.

gawrone @ 1/19/2022 01:00 commented on Robot Mantis

Great sprite. Still, we cannot accept it if it is upscalled. Please load nomal sized image as a main art too, not only the preview.

gawrone @ 1/19/2022 00:56 commented on Farm - GIF

In here the file is not enlarged. That is great. But it has unnecessary gradient, especially when, on the same piece, you show that you are able to dither. Do you have this picture without the gradient around the sun?

gawrone @ 1/19/2022 00:51 commented on Poledance

Another enlarged image. Please upload standard sized file.

gawrone @ 1/19/2022 00:50 commented on Zagreus - Hades

The image is upscalled x6. Please reload the normal size file before we can accept it in the gallery.

gawrone @ 1/14/2022 00:46 commented on Gryphon

I wish to strongly dissagree in a very friendly way.

There is a very well remembered experience from my childhood when I was fantasising or anticipating my drawing result, to be utterly dissapoited with it, which looked nothing like I was imagining it. It was frustrating and many times made me cry. I had no advanced terminology to explain it and had no idea myself nor adults to explain to me that this could/will be better after years of practice. Adults just tell you that your drawings are beautiful and that's it. But it was definately a worrying about lack of skill to draw something.

My wife has an artistic education and had exactly the same experience. I can confirm also observing that among some peers back then and looking at kids now when I'm an adult myself. I do not have enough data to find any corelations but I do have an intuition that this is happenig only to so called "talented" kids who are expected by adults to draw better than other kids (and then they internalise the expectations in a bad way). Or kids who have acces to art (thanks to older people) and are aware that drawing/painting can be serious and how well the results could look.


gawrone @ 1/5/2022 00:52 commented on back to the future's future future

Oh dear I need that palette now!

gawrone @ 1/5/2022 00:40 commented on Media rules us!

I had the exactly same situation with last year's april fools challenge. I hope I can make it this year :(

gawrone @ 1/4/2022 02:31 commented on Amaroque


gawrone @ 1/3/2022 13:25 commented on Warrior of the Sand:Arcah


gawrone @ 1/3/2022 00:50 commented on Alfa164

...and it would be great if you could use this piece as a palette control practice. You have a lot of unnecessary colours. But besides that, the animation sequence is awesome. I dig all the tiny details like the smoke or the little drops behind each wheel.

gawrone @ 1/3/2022 00:38 commented on The year of Tiger

The art is wonderful, but true about the colour count. Please check out your file again before we can accept it. You probably have some artifacts. You can reuplad the fixed file after cliciking the pencil icon under your art.

gawrone @ 1/3/2022 00:31 commented on Secret Santa 2021

Wow! Thank you all my wonderful friends for all this sweet praise!

gawrone @ 12/30/2021 00:35 commented on #SeptemBIT 2021 | Evil Eye, Trap, Chest, Treasure, Boss Key

You made some wonderful sets of icons. Even more impressive - with only 3 colours. I think you really could make it into a singular gallery submission, a big compilation of all those since they are from the same set, and made with same palette. I know they couldn't fit the preview that way but there are many different ways around that like slideshow, scroll animation or just simple showing only part and adding "preview" sign informing that ther eis more inside.

gawrone @ 12/30/2021 00:29 commented on Half Orc Sorcerer

Could you please reupload the art with a solid or pixel art backround?

gawrone @ 12/30/2021 00:25 commented on Snow and Ash

This piece is not suitable for the PJ gallery. It looks to me as probably destroyed durring some scaling during export, or it went through some other jpgfication. Take a look also here. I don't think it is possible to clean this, but maybe you have a clean file before exporting, that you could try to reupload.

gawrone @ 12/23/2021 11:58 commented on Secret Santa 2021

B236, thank you for this wonderful compliment. I know this might sound as fake modesty, but I'm not sure if I would get this idea without the palette limitations. I used my absolute favorite palette Equpix15, which I adore and find very inspiring and often forcing me to think out of the box. 

gawrone @ 12/23/2021 11:47 commented on Secret Santa 2021

Umbohr, I just watched the stream. I had no idea about your daughter's name :) I just wanted to wrote some of the Fool's aliases. I know I ommited few, but also I had no idea if you have read all the Robin Hobb's works so I didn't want to use those which are too spoiler'ish. I'm currently in the 9th tome.

gawrone @ 12/23/2021 11:42 commented on Secret Santa 2021

Oh dear. I was just watching the recording of the stream! I'm speachless now. This is so beautiful! It not only checks all of the boxes I've wrote as my perfect gift description, but also checks many I haven't.

It is fantasy, but also not a cliche one and has both beautiful nature and darker mood to it. Phenomenal character work. The dude face is awesomly rendered with that shiny turquoise earring,  the girl's hair and pose are brilliant, but I'm most impressed by the arm. I also dig the shadows. And also animals included. And that lovely turquoise is everywhere, even the fly (I only imagine that you included the fly, to have at least one life animal, not only statue or symbol - you didn't have to but I appreciate it and I'm tripple satisfied). The turquoise stone texture is amazing. Damn, even the shadowed grass is turquoise. And those light rays are incredible too. And that water all those different teal shades connected with golden browns.

This is more than the best gift for me. This is criminally too good! :) It's like Michel Scott buying an Ipod on 20$ limit :) I'm keeping it and running away with it :)

gawrone @ 12/23/2021 02:31 commented on NES

...and skamocore is missing from the list

sorry :(

gawrone @ 12/21/2021 01:55 commented on Chibi Gwyndolin (Dark Souls Fan-art)

I'm always into any DS stuff and this concept is lovely. But I'm struggling to accept the art becasue of 101 colours. PJ gallery is very triaditionalist-oriented in terms of pixel art and we accept large palette work when we see a justification for it. Most common examples are very busy and rich, colorfull pieces or large compilations of sprites, but there are other possibilities. The 101 is not super large in general, but in this particular piece you have a different colour used for every little new thing. It would be very easy to recycle many colours, and reduce the most similar ones to contain the palette into a smaller package. It's also a very good practice.

Also you have a pretty obvious banding on the veil. This one is not a deal breaker, but something to look into aswell.

gawrone @ 12/21/2021 01:43 commented on Lighthouse

This stylised, diagonal kind of dithering is very beautiful, but here it is not only a matter of looks but have a very good justification - implicates the snow fall direction, so it's also a great formal use of a tool which I adore. Great, great work!