gawrone @ 1/25/2023 15:08 commented on Lesser Daemon


gawrone @ 1/25/2023 03:08 commented on RPG Tea Party

First entry already, and a cool one. 

gawrone @ 1/24/2023 15:24 commented on Tarot Card - The Fool

No worries. Maybe you will pick one of minior arcana we still don't have? ;)

gawrone @ 1/24/2023 12:13 commented on Tarot Card - The Fool

The link is pinned in PJ Discord tarot-collab channel

gawrone @ 1/24/2023 02:37 commented on Tarot Card - The Fool

Good stuff! I will add it to the Trello gallery soon.

gawrone @ 1/24/2023 02:36 commented on Lesser Daemon

I'm very glad that you like it. Please bless us with some beautiful character sprites.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 14:13 commented on Lesser Daemon

I also think that group sports which have different positions and different roles (like football or baseball) would be great to adapt classical functions in rpg party. Something like offence = dps, defence =  support, goalkeeper =  tank or healer. Baseball would probably be better but I don't know how positions are called:P And also, Alice in Wonderland characters as sport rpg party is an awesome idea.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 13:56 commented on Lesser Daemon

I believe yes in the right context. I can imagine an rpg game with sport theme where athletes of different disciplines are heroes saving the world, or sport game with rpg elements when you level up the abilities and stats of the players, or even something like a horror rpg where antagonists are having sport gear as costumes and weapons...

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 13:49 commented on "Can you turn off that light?"

Hehe, you got me with Morandi. I usually find people thinking of him as a boring painter but I love his works. And yes pixel art can make one happy. Very glad that you joined us.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 10:15 commented on Lesser Daemon

Thank you! I will add it to the list.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 01:19 commented on Lesser Daemon

Anyone who remembers any RPG party challenge I missed, please refresh my memory. The list needs to be complete and preserved for future reference.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:58 commented on Toad Game

Please share more toads from your game.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:54 commented on My First Aseprite Friend

I understand this is your first pixel art made in Aseprite, not first pixel art ever, becasue it is very good.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:52 commented on Xenocide

Cool piece.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:50 commented on Glume Portrait

I love how you shaded this. Every little cluster have a beautiful shape on it own. And the colours are [chef's kiss].

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:46 commented on violet reed

I was expecting to find much more than 13 colours here. Great work.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:45 commented on Celestial Priestress

Fantastic! I would only ask why her left leg is (or at least appears as, which doesn't make any difference) much thicker than her right leg?

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:41 commented on It's a-me

Looks good, but we need you to upload it in 1:1. No prescalled pieces please. We have -/+ buttons under each artwork for that.

gawrone @ 1/23/2023 00:40 commented on "Can you turn off that light?"

This is very much in style of Giorgio Morandi. Much more than in "pixel art style". The edge of the table is jaggy, you use spray tool which is a pixel art "no no", you have an absolute disregard to AA, which would be a must at least on the can's curves, the boundaries between the shading levels are random, and should be dithered or stylised and even straight vertical would look better in terms of pixel art. Also the perspective is off but this could be intentional. Good thing is that I see some attempt and palette control. You didn't use gradient but tried to separate several colours to render your can, which is good. If you use this tool you will see that there are some colours used accidentally, for only few pixels, and the piece contains a lot of very similar colours, which should be unified. When you will get more skill you will be using 16 colours for such image (and it will look the same) not 64. And I predict you will get more skill, so I accept this to the gallery as your first pixel art. Search pixel art tutorials on basics like jaggies, manual AA and dithering, and show us how you improve with your next piece.

gawrone @ 1/20/2023 09:01 commented on Special Snowflake [weekly challenge]

You forgot to check the challenge box while uploading, but I fixed it for you.

gawrone @ 1/18/2023 04:12 commented on Snowflake

Please replace the file with proper one. Something went wrong with your export, your snowflake stretched, and yopu have 7 different colours (whites with different lvl of transparency.

gawrone @ 1/16/2023 16:36 commented on Yuffie Kisaragi

Oh, I understand now. Great idea. You can do it here but try to use your light brown as outline colour on the enlightened sides of leg and stomach, and dark reddish brown for the outline on enlightened side of trousers and gauntlet. You don't need to get rid of the outline totally to get that selective outline effect, but if you fell like trying, make the transition from full dark outline smooth, using more and more brighter colours than your dark blue as you get closer to the brightest parts of the outline and then maybe making it finally dissapear will work. When you have very thick and very dark outlines and you suddenly cut them entirely, it will more likely look like an error.

gawrone @ 1/16/2023 13:18 commented on Snowflake

Fantastic and quick entry!

gawrone @ 1/16/2023 07:57 commented on Ashtree - walking animation

Thank you for precising this. I imagine making this only fit the canvas without symmetry wouldn't look snowflakey at all. I rush to fix this.

gawrone @ 1/16/2023 02:43 commented on Yuffie Kisaragi

Please explain why your outline is so inconsistent - missing in some places, somewhere it is thin and somewhere it is double and/or jaggy. I don't see any particular reason not to ask you to clean it up before we can accept it.