Jo @ 11/28/2021 16:32 commented on Autumn moonrise over mountains

Beautiful and eerie! 

Jo @ 11/26/2021 13:50 commented on Big Bird

Can't believe I missed a Carnivac sighting by almost a whole month. Miss your work, friend! 

Jo @ 10/27/2021 15:01 commented on Heroic Idleness

Reminds of the battle perspective on Mystic Ark! Really cool stuff!

Jo @ 10/27/2021 07:24 commented on Lancer Tokens + Hex tiles pack

Righhht I kinda wish I could do 3D modelling to have some cute SD mechs printed haha 

Jo @ 10/27/2021 07:22 commented on Lancer Tokens + Hex tiles pack

Thanks a bunch, Gaw! :) 

Jo @ 9/6/2021 12:55 commented on Madonna of Death

Thanks mate! It's always nice when you comment! 

Jo @ 8/26/2021 04:56 commented on Big Bird

 Tiled is a free mapping tool! 

Jo @ 8/16/2021 06:12 commented on Bar Scene

Thank you so much! I'm digging these six frames too

Jo @ 8/16/2021 06:11 commented on Bar Scene

Thanks a lot Dio! 

Jo @ 8/13/2021 07:20 commented on Bar Scene

what can i say I do love a good ribbing haha :P 

Jo @ 8/13/2021 07:05 commented on Bar Scene


Jo @ 8/4/2021 17:24 commented on Ovelia and Delita - Final Fantasy Tactics

This is just GRAND

Jo @ 8/2/2021 08:45 commented on One by One

Good  job everyone! Had one hell of a time! 

Jo @ 8/1/2021 04:45 commented on Lumberjack Redo

Thank you so much vrine!!!

Jo @ 7/29/2021 15:35 commented on Winter bane

haunting, amazing palette

Jo @ 7/27/2021 04:45 commented on Lumberjack Redo

You really should, it's fun! I think the second one here was also a weekly challenge, maybe we could have that kind of challenge again :P 

Jo @ 7/26/2021 06:41 commented on Hilltop Hoods RPG Party

It took me three tries and still nowhere near as detailed as this haha ;D

Jo @ 7/25/2021 15:36 commented on Hilltop Hoods RPG Party

The amount of details you managed with the GB palette and canvas size is insane, this is awesome 

Jo @ 7/25/2021 15:35 commented on Nightwish RPG Party

The palette is amazing, lovely work! 

Jo @ 7/25/2021 15:28 commented on Big Bird

that's how I power leveled during quarantine :P

Jo @ 7/24/2021 04:50 commented on Queen RPG

Thank you so much vrine, it means the world to me! 

Jo @ 7/24/2021 04:49 commented on Queen RPG

Thank you so much, Gawr! Had tons of fun, for sure

Jo @ 7/24/2021 04:48 commented on Queen RPG

Thanks a lot, mate! I do love me some ttrpg hehe

Jo @ 7/24/2021 04:25 commented on Cynic RPG Party

Shoot man great use of the canvas available!! It looks so crispy and crunchy, fantastic job! 

Jo @ 7/24/2021 04:23 commented on The Smiths

HAHAHAA great call and great piece!