big brother @ 5/26/2022 15:18 commented on River Bank Retro City

Scallop pattern cobblestones ftw!

big brother @ 5/23/2020 21:53 commented on Fantasy Vs. Reality

I be lurking! Eeesh I reread my comment and it seems unintentionally negative. I do really like this piece! I hope you are continuing to make personal artwork.

big brother @ 9/1/2019 12:09 commented on Windmill For Sale

Love the palette!

big brother @ 8/8/2019 01:04 commented on Brawler moveset

Smooth animation! Is nudity?

big brother @ 12/14/2018 20:40 commented on Mech Hangar

So much to love: design (like the repetition of that "X"), palette, warm neutrals, shadows! The red and yellow accents on the left side work well to balance the composition. It's clever how the pose of green arm plays to the strengths of the medium with its combination of 45 and 90 degree lines. The lower body feels a little off balance, but maybe that's due to the upper body's rotation. It might feel more natural shifted over a few pixels to our right, but that's small potatoes. 

big brother @ 7/26/2018 12:37 commented on Empress

I can't decide whether this was intended to represent a statue or not. The eyes seem alive. Maybe she's reptilian? That would explain the scaley textures...

big brother @ 7/9/2018 21:21 commented on Background

Oooh, great to see the full version. No clouds needed. Don't paint behind the wardrobe, save your effort for where it can be appreciated. :)

big brother @ 7/8/2018 21:34 commented on Background

I love those roots and the shapes in the rocks; it looks like there's a lobster claw and a hand! The range of values is perfect for the depth of the scene. With its focus on temperature, the palette adds a moody dimension to the piece. It might be overkill, but the sky could be a missed opportunity for some wispy (maybe single color?) clouds. Keep up the great work!

big brother @ 7/1/2018 15:28 commented on Daggers of Dagon

Thanks for the love, guys!

@amorph: At a certain granularity (esp smaller sprites), focusing on clusters can be counterproductive. They can fit together nicely like Tetris blocks, but still fail to describe the forms and edges. This topic probably deserves a more detailed post in the future. The proposed gameplay would mirror that of Shao Lin's Road, so the levels resemble arenas more than linear paths (hence moving right to left). 

@dawnbringer: Although I spent a lot of time developing the rendering style, the underline is actually a shortcut, so ideally I'd save time (and sanity) in the long term. The contrast in value gives the sprites visual priority while negating the need for an outline around the lit edges of the shapes. 

@adarias: These compliments mean a lot to me!

big brother @ 6/12/2018 22:03 commented on graveyard

i saw a flash of lightning but now i've waited so long and it's not happening again

big brother @ 3/1/2018 22:41 commented on Naval Battle

The patch of sea-green in the lower left works well to balance the desat red of the cross, nice touch!

big brother @ 3/1/2018 22:25 commented on End of the Second Sun

Those greens sure look tasty!

big brother @ 3/1/2018 18:57 commented on Lord Kain

Love the interplay between the red and green hues! The cloth seems a little abstract compared to the rendering style for the rest of the piece. Great attention to detail otherwise, keep up the good work!

big brother @ 7/12/2017 16:34 commented on Your Brain on Bobs!

I could have sworn this was an OCEANSCENTED piece. Good work!

big brother @ 1/23/2017 21:40 commented on Mars Templar

Game design instincts. You'll always end up needing them later, so best to plan early and leave a little room.

big brother @ 1/19/2017 13:42 commented on Mars Templar

Thanks! I used 97 colors (including transparency) from this 256 color palette.

If there was a tech restriction on color count, I'm confident I could have used fewer colors to achieve a similar effect. :)

big brother @ 1/18/2017 18:01 commented on Centipede of Justice

Love the palette and pixel technique! The pose seems a bit "twinned." Maybe the appendage on the right could be raised higher than the other one, echoing the compositional vector of the armored coil in the background? Good work regardless!

big brother @ 1/18/2017 17:57 commented on Coastal Drive

Don't open any of those beers near your face!

Great work on the animation!

big brother @ 11/13/2016 22:48 commented on R2D2 and C3PO

Shouldn't 3PO have a silver leg?

big brother @ 11/13/2016 22:46 commented on Tiny Superheroes

Love the upside-down spider-man. Hulk's expression reminds me of Adventure Time for some reason. 

big brother @ 7/5/2016 17:58 commented on Diablo GBA

Totally understandable! 

Here's an example of the formatting I was referring to:

big brother @ 7/1/2016 23:33 commented on Diablo GBA

I love the environment and the palette. The world appears ancient with its dead grass and crumbling stone.

I second Finlal's suggestion for a shadow to anchor the character sprite to the grass. Maybe the character can do something more interesting than standing? I want to read the head so badly, but I can't figure it out. Is that a helmet? A lion face?

As a mockup, the composition would feel more balanced if you moved the mission text to the right side of the screen. The tree has a higher level of detail than the tower, which makes me want an unobstructed view. Also, you should "hang" the check box, so the text is aligned.  

Keep up the good work!

big brother @ 6/16/2016 12:27 commented on Bowser (Super Mario World)

You're on a roll!

big brother @ 6/13/2016 20:14 commented on Mirror's Edge

You are full of surprises!

big brother @ 5/24/2016 21:35 commented on Armours

The chibi is strong with you! You've posted so much good work lately! If there was a Most Improved Artist category, you'd have my vote. Keep it up!