MoreOfAGoofus @ 3/1/2021 16:00 commented on Pixelween 2005 Entry

Wow! Thanks so much for your votes everyone!

MoreOfAGoofus @ 2/26/2021 05:57 commented on ZERO fan art

Really stunning work on the musculature!

MoreOfAGoofus @ 2/22/2021 23:38 commented on D'oh!!

Thanks! I tried to reference actual Simpsons footage as much as possible

MoreOfAGoofus @ 2/21/2021 23:54 commented on Control - C64 Style [Weekly]

Thank you! You're right that the reflections are an (overambitious, maybe) attempt at capturing a bit of Control's lighting but also to differentiate the texture of the floor against the concrete walls.