Destiny @ 11/10/2011 15:28 commented on C16 Avatar

 Nice, I love the way this looks. The palette is neat and was used well~


Good job

Destiny @ 7/15/2011 13:59 commented on Into the Forest of Shadows

 Looks amazing, bro

Destiny @ 2/20/2011 19:06 commented on Brother's Portrait

This is horrible, what's wrong with you? Less dithering, less AA, less hue shifting, less everything. 


My only real complaint is that the hat looks kinda lazily done :S, everything else is great though~

Destiny @ 8/22/2010 21:44 commented on RGB Monster

 Bitching about a dragon design having 3 heads is incredibly stupid, it's extremely common for some dragon designs to have 3 heads d:

However; a dragon having muscles, no wings, and no tail kinda does not help it look dragon like d:

I really like the colors though~

Destiny @ 8/17/2010 16:54 commented on Swan Lubb

 The preview sucks; this is quite nice actually ):


The preview does not really reflect upon that 

Destiny @ 8/6/2010 18:45 commented on Small RPG Sprites - All 8 Directions Walk/Run

 I think the preview's lack of head twitching looks better

Destiny @ 7/18/2010 13:13 commented on the warden

 Shows up fine in chrome as well;

Looks great : D

Destiny @ 3/8/2010 12:41 commented on Bulbasaur-Ivysaur-Venusaur

 I always feel it's kinda odd for people to just drop by and favorite it without leaving a comment, so I'll be the first to say it;

These look fantastic. Good job man~

Destiny @ 2/24/2010 21:29 commented on Pokemon Give-a-Way entry

 Not trading, the pokemon were being offered up for free in a give-a-way, you just had to meet certain requirements to participate in it. I chose an entry where I could do art to get them. The pokemon are RNG abused, if they were poke'sav'd they wouldn't have been able to be open for the give-a-way as the iv's would not have been legally aquired :X

Destiny @ 2/21/2010 11:25 commented on Wack a Roach Game

 Oh my :o

It's lovely, great job. 

Destiny @ 2/21/2010 00:02 commented on Big Fat Sprite Dump

Ooh, I really do love these. The larger versions of the advanced wars tank/helicopter looks really blocky though. Otherwise, good job. 

Destiny @ 12/25/2009 17:10 commented on Image Dump #2

It was no big deal. I did however, have to fix it asdf amount of times because the program I'm using sucks :E


Thank you~

Destiny @ 12/3/2009 21:36 commented on scarab

Newest one is fantastic whoah

Destiny @ 12/3/2009 14:21 commented on Flying Bird

The bird's body is awful static but the wing animation and the sprite itself is wonderful :3


Destiny @ 12/3/2009 14:19 commented on Bridge to Eden

Now you add my name to the helping list >(

Looks good~

Destiny @ 11/27/2009 20:44 commented on Megaman Tribute

Not at all what I expected from the preview



EDIT: Did you remove the animation? I mean, I viewwed it one time and can no longer see it anymore.

Destiny @ 11/23/2009 12:14 commented on Tank

Personally I think you should remove the background, the tank looks much better without it

Destiny @ 10/30/2009 14:03 commented on Bird toy

Reminds me of something from Earthbound :P


Fantastic job~

Destiny @ 10/12/2009 21:07 commented on 7th Dragon

The girls arms look kinda stiff and awkward on the large detailed girl, but you did a wonderful job on this. Great work <3

Destiny @ 10/12/2009 21:06 commented on Trying Something New. . .

Lovely, you did a really good job on this.

Destiny @ 10/12/2009 13:08 commented on Horror house

I love the atmosphere, theres some contrast issues, but I am in love with this.

Destiny @ 10/12/2009 04:13 commented on Rotom And Duskull

Oh whoops my bad, I like Dusknoir a lot more than Duskull, so that was what I was thinking about when uploading :P

I still sorta do, I mostly lurk there now as Cshad, but I post every once in a while.

Thanks for the comments guys~

Destiny @ 10/11/2009 20:19 commented on GreenWorld

This looks pretty cool !

I like it a lot, good job

Destiny @ 10/8/2009 17:50 commented on SaGa2 Sensei(Teacher) animation 3

He looks like he is strangeling that flower

In a badass way


Destiny @ 10/2/2009 13:51 commented on B4rdom Ships

To be quite honest I would have not known that these were ships unless you had mentioned it in the description. They kinda look like some kind of axe to me. They look cool regardless.