Antraxis @ 1/29/2009 17:00 commented on Tree
Platnium - no, You're also copied and pasted selected parts of original tree. Hmmm... don't forget to tell which picture is the bottom part taken from

original and this funny mutation comparsion:

Antraxis @ 5/30/2008 12:47 commented on The world of dreams
I would love to play strategy with gfx like this more than Tiberium Wars =).
It's a resolution for my n-gage ^^ I love you ;3

Antraxis @ 4/27/2008 13:34 commented on kitten ava.

well, it had to be a leg 
 btw. My sis also didn't know what exactly is in here ... maybe I should make the better one

Antraxis @ 4/27/2008 13:29 commented on Dark Mage

Lollige, the blue one is based on original HOMM2 palette, you can call him Level 2 ;-), thanks

Vital, ano - w kolorach siedze dluzej niz w ksztaltach co troche dziwnie brzmi, ale dzieki za sluszna uwage.

Antraxis @ 8/19/2007 04:40 commented on Me throwing a fireball at a Goomba.
Buehehe, cool ^^
I love goombas xd

Antraxis @ 4/25/2007 13:59 commented on CMYNRGB Draaaagon
Paleta do dupy, za to nadrobiłeś wykonaniem, nie wiedziałem że jesteś taki dobry w sumie :)

sorry, there is no english translation xd

Antraxis @ 3/13/2007 13:57 commented on ...No,my brother,don't die now!
Blow job. Nice blood reflex

Antraxis @ 1/28/2007 00:09 commented on A manga dude
We've just deleted this work from our gallery, sory for that poin't. It's oekaki with auto-dithered fill.

Antraxis @ 7/11/2006 01:57 commented on Skaven Battle Line
Oh my god! this is one of the best pixelarts  which I've ever seen :D