Weasel @ 3/10/2007 04:45 commented on Edward Scissorhands
Yeah, definitely saved as a .gif. This is seriously old, one of the first pixel pieces I did, so the 'spotty-ness' would be my  awful attempts at scars on his face when I had no knowledge of AA, also the blades could most likely do with being longer, but the shortness was to attempt to keep with the 'wee' style if I remember rightly.

Weasel @ 9/30/2006 16:59 commented on I Am A Skull
Skulls have thumbs? ;P

Annyway, I'm no expert on AA, but it seems to me you've made great use of it here, looks nice and smooth, especially on a picture/subject that could easily be overwhelmed by lines or far too simplistic. Though, that said, I do find the AA at the very top of the skull a little distracting.

Nice peice overall  :)

Weasel @ 9/17/2006 04:13 commented on Petting
Really amazing, the composion's very pleasing to the eye as well.

Though I would have to agree with Larwick about the bear's head not quite looking natural, maybe it's just the angle, as all the other animals aren't facing forward in the same way as the bear?

Weasel @ 9/16/2006 03:08 commented on Skeleton King
Time to start saving me thinks, though it's an awful lot more reasonable than the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Weasel @ 8/5/2006 10:45 commented on Sleeping Penguin
'Tis rather extreme, but I was going more for 'characature' anyway. Plus, first animation, so it's something to learn from.

Thanks for the input :)

Weasel @ 8/5/2006 10:45 commented on Edward Scissorhands
Indeed, one of my first pixel peices ever, so I'd not got into the nack of colour reducing yet.

Thanks for the comment.

Weasel @ 8/5/2006 08:02 commented on Puzzle Game Mockup
Background is much improved now :)

Though I can still see a little of the black outlining in the bottom left corner.

Weasel @ 8/5/2006 05:46 commented on Puzzle Game Mockup
Reminds me a lot of 'Dr. Robotik's Mean Bean Machine', with the whole merging thing. Nice and clean and cheerful colour choices too.

Maybe the background could do with being a little more 'faded'/toned down a little, so it doesn't detract from the game in the centre?

Overall, very nice though.

Weasel @ 7/23/2006 05:50 commented on Polar Animals
*Ice climbers rather... I hate typos.

Weasel @ 7/23/2006 05:49 commented on Polar Animals
As everyone seems to have already said, disgustingly cute. The two people remind me of the ince climbers.

Weasel @ 7/18/2006 06:09 commented on Me avatar
Also reminds of me of someone. Looks disturbingly, quite spookily like my eldest cousin...

Weasel @ 7/5/2006 14:45 commented on Sirius (NEW)
Yes, it'll be hell, but I'm sure it'll be worth it ;)

Weasel @ 7/5/2006 12:57 commented on Sirius (NEW)
I think CDI means the white AA around the whole thing.

As for the image itself, you seem to have pulled it all off pretty well, I like the way you've done the cloth especially. Only things I'd suggest is maybe AAing the shading a little? As it seems rather harsh to my eyes at the moment and that the arms, foot and sword under the might effect the way the cloth hangs more, compaired to the very box like shape it has now?

But as I said, overall, very nice :)

Weasel @ 2/14/2006 08:33 commented on Running Gorrilla
Yup, gorrilas only run like that in Donkey Kong. Real gorrilas are a lot more scary when they run.

As for the art, the animation could be smoother but I'm no expert on animation myself.

Weasel @ 1/19/2006 00:31 commented on Dancing Cats
Thanks :) and I noticed that once I'd done the firstlong haired version, but was to busy finishing the last one to remember to fix it.

Just edited the first cat, widened the left side of the muzzle by a pixel or so, not sure if it still looks squashed though :\

Weasel @ 1/5/2006 06:58 commented on Sleeping Penguin
Yeah, I was actually debating making his wing move when I was making, but ultimately I was feeling to lazy at the time. Though, I think that's something I'll add when I fix the shading on his side (heh, as usual I find something that irratates me).

Thanks muchly for the advice

Weasel @ 1/3/2006 17:22 commented on Sleeping Penguin
Indeed, I'd be worried if a spine did do that, but the animation is intended as a characture, or more in the vein of a cartoon, not as a acurate portayal of an animal's anatomy.

Thanks for the input though :)

Weasel @ 12/7/2005 08:25 commented on genericWalker3: Punk Brit.
I really like it, the only critiques I can offer would be that the head and torso seem to tilt to far to (his) left for a normal walking pose, he looks more like he's looking to his left. The farthest away boot tounge (not sure what non-english people might call it) doesn't move like the nearest does and the chain doesn't move as much as it would with someone walking (something I should know, being a perpetual chain wearer myself :P), to me it looks more like it's being blown backwards, it should bonce about a lot more and sway back and forth.

Other than those few things, it's great, a lot of personality.

Weasel @ 10/27/2005 06:03 commented on Jack Skellington
I would be, if I could stand the brats in the cinemas... plus the fact it's an hours bus ride (brats on bus included) to the nearest cinema is rather of putting.  :\

Weasel @ 10/5/2005 11:13 commented on Big Bird
Hrmm... am I the only person that the forum (here) refuses to work for, the damned thing won't accept my password (even the ones sent through the 'lost password' funtion), or is it just my PC showing how much it loves me? 

Also, my friend's had the same trouble with DA, and hasn't had found any way to get hers to fix itself yet, though it's done the same to me before, though refreshing seems to work for me.

Weasel @ 8/11/2005 16:20 commented on LTTP Style Persona
 I agree with Hishank on the arm swing, the bouce in his (I'm asumming it's a he :P) step gives it a good feeling of movement, which is impressive in such a small piece, with a limited space to work on.

Weasel @ 8/11/2005 07:46 commented on Frank
 Wow, thanks to both of you for such positive comments on my first attempt.

At fr0st - Sounds pretty challanging, but I might just take that idea on ;P

Weasel @ 8/10/2005 15:46 commented on Arkon Fighter
 The animation and lighting on this piece are pretty jaw dropping, I can see this in a GBA game or something of the like.

The only thing I can possibly say as a critique is that during some stages of the morphing animation (as the fins become larger and move forward) the outlines on the yellow fins distract my eye a little.