Arrow-1 @ 5/17/2014 22:28 commented on nyash myash

The eyes on this look great.

Arrow-1 @ 5/16/2014 14:01 commented on PAC-MAN full of pills

This guy is great. I love what you have done with the anatomy. The linework stylizes your character in a sharp, interesting way, and I would really like to see more in this vein.

I will say that the head seems oddly detached. I think I understand what you were trying to do there, but perhaps the shift is too stark. Rather than creating a sharp contrast between the head and body, it just seems detached. Perhaps if you lowered the head on the neck a pixel or two, and did away with the black seam under the chin, it would blend better? Also, I do not quite understand your shading on the pants.

That aside, this guy is awesome. I hope that Pixel Joint sees a lot more work from you.

Arrow-1 @ 5/14/2014 23:06 commented on TriforceAvatar

This isn't bad, but I feel like with a palette sized at five colors you could have held a little more mastery over the lighting and such. :O You did a good job of keeping your lines mostly uniform, but I feel like the thickness of the top edges warps the perspective a bit. I'd agree with what others have said about depth as well, but consistency is another thing to be looked at, I think.

I can't say much as to whether or not you *should* use dithering, as I've never been able to really satisfy myself with it, but perhaps the two shades (dark golden yellow and black) are a bit too starkly different, and it makes it look like you've sorta got a mesh draped over one face of your object.

Lastly, your brightest shade that you've used for your highlight could probably serve to be lightened further, and desaturated a bit. That would help to let it stand apart from your middle tones, and better justify the use of that additional color.

This isn't to say you didn't do well, but only to say that with some very minor tweaks, this could be *awesome*. Don't stop pixeling. :D

Arrow-1 @ 5/14/2014 13:51 commented on Blue Status Guy

Thanks Jocastus, I'll tweak it and reupload it when I get a little spare time.

Arrow-1 @ 1/4/2012 13:14 commented on New Avatar

Thanks so much, Mr. Tape. :D

Arrow-1 @ 8/19/2011 10:56 commented on The Atomic Claw

Aww, see? This right here. This is why I don't enter competitions.

Arrow-1 @ 8/5/2011 02:06 commented on Big Bird

dear lord why did you make me do that Metaru


Arrow-1 @ 8/5/2011 01:59 commented on Oculoraptor

Much obliged, schrump. :)

Arrow-1 @ 8/4/2011 01:54 commented on The Lion Knight's Challenge

Good lord this is excellent!

Arrow-1 @ 8/4/2011 01:46 commented on Big Bird

*checks his work*

Skulls are still awesome.

Anyone here have an image or icon or symbol that they tend to fall back on when making new designs? I know it's a cliche at this point, but I friggin' love skulls.

*goes back to pixel chiseling a nose hole*

Arrow-1 @ 7/31/2011 14:32 commented on Evil Ed

I swear I'm still here. o_o

Edit: Oh wait a minute this is the same post A DURRRRRR ><

Arrow-1 @ 7/31/2011 14:25 commented on GRR

Why am I reminded suddenly of Super Punch Out?

Arrow-1 @ 7/23/2011 08:21 commented on Klaus

"All but ze bowtie."

Arrow-1 @ 7/22/2011 09:57 commented on Megaman X - HD

I love these, but the faces...the...the faces. o_o Something about them just looks positively goofy. That, combined with the old cartoon standard three fingers on each hand, and I can't help but think this is a little silly looking.

Excellent work, though, with the shading especially, and I do like how you sort of got creative with certain things like the blue segments near the bottom of the first armor's boots.

Arrow-1 @ 7/22/2011 09:57 commented on >:V

And to think, this guy is going to destroy our homes.

Arrow-1 @ 7/22/2011 09:52 commented on GET TO DA CHOPPA

I love this. I know some people say the animation looks kind of weird, but it reminds me of some of the effects they used on the SNES, and in that respect I say it works. It adds an element of unrealism that fits this guy.

Arrow-1 @ 7/21/2011 22:38 commented on Evil Ed


Arrow-1 @ 7/21/2011 22:36 commented on Iso Emoticons

This is so clever! I'd love to use these on a forum anywhere.

Arrow-1 @ 7/15/2011 02:52 commented on Say Cheese!

I will never be able to make a face this amazingly hilarious.

But I think I'm okay with that. Because it instills a sense of respect.

; - ;

Arrow-1 @ 7/14/2011 20:39 commented on Crimson Armor Lord

Thank you lousa!

Arrow-1 @ 7/14/2011 09:29 commented on Steven Seagull

...YES. This is excellent!

Arrow-1 @ 7/14/2011 00:01 commented on El Aguila

Oh darn, that's right, your piece for this has to be your avatar...but I don't see why mine won't work well enough. We'll say it's some sort of android abomination.


Arrow-1 @ 7/13/2011 23:55 commented on New Avatar

Thanks Stickman, I appreciate the compliment. >: ) Creepy is always good.

Arrow-1 @ 7/13/2011 11:02 commented on Ashaggaroth

This is freakin' awesome. : O the highlights especially catch my eye, as far as keeping in lines with the FF6 style. Totally rad work.

Arrow-1 @ 7/13/2011 11:00 commented on Monstatar

This is something I'd expect to see in Invader Zim. It's like Shunk Wugga's offworld counterpart.