ThrillhouseSSB @ 4/13/2021 16:09 commented on For Great Justice

So glad someone did All Your Base, and you did an amazing job of it too!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 2/15/2021 01:13 commented on My Precious

Really liking this piece!

I think you've done a great job with the canvas size, allows for the "precious" pixel to be small enough to appear distant but still big enough to feel important.

Also, the preview image is great too!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 2/6/2021 15:53 commented on Lizard Fairy

Haha, thanks Hap, I imagine it likes to use it to swing from things :p

ThrillhouseSSB @ 1/26/2021 03:31 commented on run

Like Quiara has said, the arm movement is very good, and I like the slight head bobbing as well. The legs don't quite look like they are running though. Maybe an in-between frame between the leg hitting the ground in front and moving to the back could help, if that makes sense. And as Hapiel said when running there are points where both feet are in the air so maybe a frame for that too.

ThrillhouseSSB @ 1/11/2021 05:43 commented on Monstra Collecta - Season 1

There's some very cool designs in here!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 12/24/2020 18:57 commented on Secret Santa

This is a really cute story I love it.

And so much animation for just two weeks, well done!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 12/13/2020 04:46 commented on 4 Bit Forest

I think it turned out great! 

It's really beautiful and you did a good job with the extra colours :)

ThrillhouseSSB @ 11/25/2020 17:39 commented on Zagreus

Love it! I've been playing it a lot lately too. Good job on the musculature and clothes folds

ThrillhouseSSB @ 11/25/2020 16:44 commented on Trading Card - Firefly

Thank you both! I spent a while trying to figure out which of the tiny details on the fly weren't important. I had a lot of fun with the iridescence though.

ThrillhouseSSB @ 11/12/2020 04:37 commented on Spooky creatures nš2

This is a super cool witch design! Good stuff

ThrillhouseSSB @ 10/19/2020 00:29 commented on It Strikes

Oh I must have clicked black by accident without noticing, I'll fix it up and edit the post. Thanks for pointing it out!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 9/14/2020 17:48 commented on What?! Crucket's evolving!

Thank you! :)

Funnily enough I was initially trying to think of an idea for a water/ghost type because they're probably my favourite two. I have no clue how I ended up on the crustacean idea, but I'm glad I did :p

ThrillhouseSSB @ 9/7/2020 17:39 commented on Rat Race

Thank you both! :)

ThrillhouseSSB @ 8/12/2020 16:55 commented on Boo! It's Luigi!

This is fantastic, very smooth animation. Well done!

ThrillhouseSSB @ 7/5/2020 17:36 commented on King Babar and Lord Rataxes

This whole piece is fantastic! But I especially like how you've done Babar's vest

ThrillhouseSSB @ 2/3/2020 03:48 commented on Bathtime is Over

Thank you :)

ThrillhouseSSB @ 1/27/2020 21:58 commented on GTar

Is it up to personal discretion what counts as being yellow or red? Or is there like certain hue ranges?

For example if you were between red and orange, but it was still more red than it was orange?

ThrillhouseSSB @ 11/8/2019 16:57 commented on Samus Helmet Spin

Thank you both :)

Morintari, are you talking about like VR stuff or something else, I hadn't even thought of that

ThrillhouseSSB @ 10/6/2019 17:06 commented on Ness Portrait

@efejotart Thanks, yeah, I always chose the mint flavoured text windows :p