venstor @ 9/4/2005 16:10 commented on Kiara Vs. Cragrog
My style for humans has evolved out of a more cartooney one, (note the four fingers and general facial shape) but I was trying to do things a little more realistically than I might typically so that I could practice anatomy.  I'm fixing the lighting on her, but I'm afraid the general design will stay the same.

I probably attempted something above my skill level with this whole piece, but I figure I have to challenge myself or I'm never going to get better.  Thanks to everyone who's commented.

venstor @ 8/31/2005 16:56 commented on Kiara Vs. Cragrog
Thank you for the detailed critique, Blick.  I freely admit that shading is a huge problem area for me.  I think I'll try following through on your suggestions and posting a WIP thread, because I'm not experienced enough to get these things right on my own.  I knew the lighting on the crab looked wrong, but I didn't know I'd over anti-aliased.  I was just trying to make things smooth, but anti-aliasing is so much fun to do that I guess I overdid it.

venstor @ 8/31/2005 16:07 commented on Venstor Avatar
He is indeed sporting a speedo.   

Realistically, yeah, he should be toppling over backwards.  The style I was using at the time had a lot of characters who stood at weird leaning angles.  Probably not  the way I'd do it now and I may go back and correct it.

venstor @ 8/31/2005 16:01 commented on Kiara Vs. Cragrog
phishit:  This grew out of a concept drawing for my game, so you could very well see a variation of the Cragrog again.  As for the hand, press your hand up against a flat surface and look at it from the side.  That's basically what it looks like, although I still drew it somewhat awkwardly.

The green glow on the girl was the very last thing I did, and that's what I consider to be half-hearted.  I'd already shaded her otherwise when I realized her lighting didn't match that of the monster, so I tried to add a green tinge to her shadows without screwing up what I'd already done.  If I'd planned things out better at the beginning, the lighting would be more consistent.

venstor @ 8/26/2005 11:27 commented on Goon
Thanks, guys. I'd like to think this helped me get better at shading.

The palette is the way I usually represent my colors, but most of the time I delete it when I'm done because it can be too big and distracting.

I do see the lineart problems.  This is an older piece that I completely recolored but didn't change much else.  I'll try to watch my anatomy in the future.

venstor @ 8/23/2005 11:24 commented on Incredibly Evil Spirit
Heh.  When I first saw the title and your handle, I somehow read it as "Incredibly Evil Fossil."  And it gives me the impression of being made out of coral.  I love how all the disparate elements are combined.  Great outlining work.  Truly impressive.