LAC @ 12/20/2020 19:01 commented on The Wandering Town

Nice work! Readability is really clear.

LAC @ 8/26/2020 04:56 commented on Shh

Walt Disney would be happy to see this ;)

LAC @ 8/25/2020 15:20 commented on Ancient world

Very simple, very cool. 
I especially love the animation of the little one in the background.

LAC @ 8/25/2020 15:16 commented on Brontosaurus pixelsus

I love it !!

LAC @ 8/25/2020 15:13 commented on DINO

Yes, he is a sweety little dino, I swear. And yes, he really need a little friend. :D

LAC @ 8/6/2020 03:14 commented on Paladin

I'm glad you took time for it and wrote this critique. But I cannot completely agree.
This guy is a little too old for knight, sure. But he is endowed with holy power so he dont need muscles. In my opinion that is the point.

And the beard ... so, if you could see my beard this look fake also, but still mine. :D  I think he feels the same way.
However, I understand your point of view and accept it.

LAC @ 8/5/2020 08:39 commented on Holy Shield Found!

And what an epic scene. :D Great work !

LAC @ 8/4/2020 05:20 commented on An old Satsuma teapot

The colour contrast is really cool.

And the preview image background too 

LAC @ 8/3/2020 16:24 commented on Tree house

I like the little swing, is very cute.

LAC @ 7/17/2020 06:50 commented on Little Clown

I know i missed the deadline, but even so i need to share it. So i'm so glad if you like it. 

LAC @ 7/12/2020 19:14 commented on City builder