TheInquisitor @ 9/3/2019 14:35 commented on Dock No4

It's 6 blobs from me!

TheInquisitor @ 11/27/2017 10:49 commented on Tardis Day

Great stuff!

TheInquisitor @ 6/25/2017 02:36 commented on The sun of the party


TheInquisitor @ 4/13/2017 14:52 commented on IY Redo

Ahh I remember this game. Good back then and the remastered art is still good.

TheInquisitor @ 3/29/2017 10:14 commented on KF map

I love your work, Fool. You da man.

TheInquisitor @ 10/23/2016 04:02 commented on Fast Travel

Wow. This is great

TheInquisitor @ 10/13/2016 00:28 commented on Background

Let me offer some proper critique. I think you've had enough penis comments!

I really like the mountains and the clouds, but reckon the tower could do with a little cleaning up. For some reason it doesn't work as well as the rest of the scene. Perhaps it's an issue with the colours/palette for that particular area?

It looks like we're seeing the mountains straight on, yet the perspective of the tower suggests that we're looking slightly downwards at it. It'd make it more flat on and take the curved edges out of the brickwork.

TheInquisitor @ 7/26/2016 00:04 commented on Bird on a branch

Looks like a kingfisher of some sort. :)

TheInquisitor @ 6/26/2016 01:13 commented on Terry and his motor.

Brilliant work

TheInquisitor @ 6/25/2016 05:56 commented on Pokemon Grill

Very good. 

TheInquisitor @ 6/23/2016 15:55 commented on The Scientist

Nice animation and a great video :)

TheInquisitor @ 4/27/2016 00:19 commented on Cloud

I like it! Good style

TheInquisitor @ 4/11/2016 00:03 commented on Myr

Excellent work!

TheInquisitor @ 4/11/2016 00:01 commented on Machine City

Great work!

Actually the only bit I don't like is the bike. It looks quite pixelated and scraggy compared to the rest. I'd recommend having a second look at that, perhaps keeping it darker and anti-aliased to the horizon behind. Maybe.

TheInquisitor @ 3/10/2016 23:54 commented on Crossing Damn Rd.

Another masterpiece! I love it, Fool. Everything here has been done flawlessly - from the rough grass and the cracks in the road to the gnarled trees in the background.

And mud monsters are great!

TheInquisitor @ 2/13/2016 02:23 commented on Happy Silly Sausage
 Love it. :) Just one thing on the animation though - perhaps it would be slightly better to put a bit more delay on the frames between the open eye and then them jump/food fest. It goes just a little too quick and kind of kills the comic timing and ultimately the payoff.

If you added 1 or 2 seconds between those frames, I think it would have more impact.

TheInquisitor @ 11/19/2015 14:01 commented on Unwanted Visitor

I really like this. Great colours and a very sinister character.

TheInquisitor @ 11/12/2015 05:46 commented on Weekly 8 Nov 2015

Lovely stuff!

TheInquisitor @ 9/13/2015 06:45 commented on Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate

Love it. :)

TheInquisitor @ 9/13/2015 06:43 commented on Pixel Car

So tempted...

TheInquisitor @ 8/5/2015 12:55 commented on Dr Cool's Cream-Truck

I second DE's comment on both counts. Just watched the trailer and it looks excellent

TheInquisitor @ 8/4/2015 09:53 commented on Succubine

Pillar > Woman... 

...hmmmm. Enough phallic symbolism - I'll let you get back to the pixel art.

TheInquisitor @ 8/3/2015 23:34 commented on Succubine

Nice work! Personally I actually prefer the pillar and grass, but don't get me wrong, both parts are excellent.

TheInquisitor @ 6/16/2015 10:14 commented on Collage #3

Wow lots of great entries this week. :) Tough decision

TheInquisitor @ 6/7/2015 11:59 commented on A Visitor

Holy hell this is lovely work, Snake. I mean I can't find fault with the pixel work or your general art style. I could perhaps suggest that the marble beneath the panther and the cushioned throne should also be reflective?