Amazonite @ 4/17/2020 21:57 commented on Super Banjo-Kazooie RPG (animated)

I am in love with this! Your art is so beautiful  =) 

I am actually almost finished Banjo Tooie.

Amazonite @ 3/7/2020 18:50 commented on Mario Diorama

This is amazing! :) 

Amazonite @ 3/1/2020 15:43 commented on Queen of the Hills

Oh okay ^_^ Sorry

Amazonite @ 2/25/2020 01:47 commented on Planet ISO Collaboration

Is that an invitation? 😉 Sure I'll look at the remaining tiles later and pick another one.

Thank you so much gawrone for all of your support, time and energy you spent on me. I can really feel it. :) 

Amazonite @ 2/24/2020 23:21 commented on Planet ISO Collaboration

Thanks, I actually uploaded an earlier version of my tile by mistake. If you look again it's been slightly improved ahaha. Sorry about that.
Luckily you commented, otherwise I wouldn't have noticed.

Amazonite @ 2/24/2020 23:09 commented on 20022020

Oh nice

Amazonite @ 2/24/2020 07:12 commented on Planet ISO Collaboration

Hey Irenaart, thank you so much. I was actually really nervous because I've never participated in a collab before. I love your tile number #95 btw it is so beautiful and I was really motivated by it because mine was submitted after yours. Hopefully I'll see you in future collabs!

Amazonite @ 2/24/2020 07:04 commented on Fragmention

ugh I typed a whole paragraph and then the page refreshed and I lost my words. Basically what I wrote was that your art work is too messy and looks like Oekaki as does most of your art in your profile. Check out this website if you're interested in learning more pixel art skills.

- Your 1 point perspective is wrong, your vanishing points are all over the place and are not very convincing
- You're not respecting your own horizon
- The chipset texture is not very good, try using just right angles
- You're not following your curves, it should count like 4,3,2,1,1,1,1,2,3,4. But it doesn't.
- Jaggies, Jaggies and more Jaggies
- Your outlining is very inconsistant
- Your art work is full of orphan pixels

Please don't feel discouraged, I only say all of this to help you so that more of your work can be approved and shown in the gallery.

Amazonite @ 2/23/2020 15:57 commented on Stolen Birthright

Hahaha why is every story racist against elves? 😂

Amazonite @ 2/23/2020 15:41 commented on portrait

Sweet, good job. 👍🏻 I look forward to seeing the rest :) 

Amazonite @ 2/23/2020 00:23 commented on The Inheritor

The horns look really nice and detailed and then suddenly the rest of the artwork has no detail and comes across as rushed. I hope you revisit this artwork in the future because I really like the concept.

Amazonite @ 2/23/2020 00:15 commented on Fantasy Jungle

I've been looking through your work. I really like your pixel art =)

Amazonite @ 2/23/2020 00:06 commented on portrait

Very beautiful, how long did it take you to make this? 

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:37 commented on A peaceful little place.

I love how the title says peaceful, but there are so many bones ahaha maybe it's not so peaceful 

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:11 commented on dosan

You're raiding pixeljoint with furry pics

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:10 commented on H angry portrait

You're good at shading :)

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:09 commented on dog blood

I always found blood magic in videogames interesting :)

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:07 commented on Black and White

Wow this is so great, I will favourite this one. :)

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 04:04 commented on Big Bird

I donated money, I want the cute money bag badge on my profile

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 01:59 commented on Unleashed

love it !

Amazonite @ 2/21/2020 01:46 commented on duncan

Hahaha this is so uncanny xD

Amazonite @ 2/20/2020 23:36 commented on Peregrine Falcon

That bird looks angry lol

Amazonite @ 2/20/2020 23:36 commented on Bite my shiny metal ass

wow this is very believable, good job!

Amazonite @ 2/20/2020 23:34 commented on Kratos taking a breather

I used to play that game ahaha

Amazonite @ 2/20/2020 23:33 commented on Scottfro's Treehouse

I really like this