wormwood @ 5/13/2013 15:15 commented on For God's sake LINK!

It may look even better if the shadows along the water's edge were animated to ripple.

wormwood @ 2/22/2009 21:03 commented on Secret Santa

That just may be the best designed robot ever. Pixels or not. It looks like the offspring of the Iron Giant and a Transformer but better than both. And the mechanical snowflakes are genius.

Rabbit slippers. Nice. But the comic text bubbles spoil that one just a little bit.

wormwood @ 2/21/2009 20:28 commented on Pele Soccer Dance

@ Lollige - The ball is supposed to just roll back because he tilts his arms the other way. The trick would be done a lot slower but the 8 frame limit makes it look implausible at this speed. I've added a wrist flick to make it a little more convincing.

@ danbenevides - Thanks. Glad you like it. I guess it might be more amusing for Brazilians. I don't know if Pele ever did a celebration dance like this though.

wormwood @ 2/18/2009 08:15 commented on Pele Soccer Dance

Thank you for the suggestion BiOBER. You were so right.

Custom version of your favourite soccer player in their team colours available on request.

wormwood @ 2/1/2009 22:28 commented on Self Portrait

Yes, images looking good at 1x is a feature of photo reduction. So what? The same is true of pixel art for GBA/ NDS/ Mobiles/ Icons/ Avatars/ etc. Jeremy made this for use as an avatar so it was only ever intended to be viewed at 1x.
Saying pixel art should look good at 2x is not a reasonable definition. GBA and NDS pixel art is not viewed at 2x and Pixel Joint displays images at 1x by default.
Any fool can't copy a photo in pixels.
Do you personally know JinnDEvil's skill range. I saw no examples of anything close to photo simulation in his gallery.
I know the definition of jealousy. I suspect you referred to the OED.
No, I never even suggested he was jealous. You merely imagined it.
Trust is unconditional by definition. And it is not exclusive to marriage.
I know this is an art site, so of course there should be a focus on aesthetics. What's your point?
Metaru did not say perfection starts with a pixel program. I'm sure he's heard of drawing.
Do you suffer from hallucinations as well?

wormwood @ 2/1/2009 19:25 commented on Self Portrait

What absolute twaddle. Genuine trust is unconditional. And how is my familiarity, or lack of, with JinnDEvil's work even relevant? I think his work is brilliant if it's of any significance to you. I neither said he was jealous or ordered his apology. I simply suggested the reason for his original cynicism was because Jeremy's style of pixeling is not within his ability.

Oh, so that's the kind of support and shared learning you were talking about.


wormwood @ 2/1/2009 11:58 commented on Self Portrait
What's the point in any of us participating in this site if we don't trust that one another has created what they submit. If someone submits a piece that was not created by their own hand then they are the only one to lose out. Mistrust and suspicion are a waste of mental energy and will tarnish your soul :)

wormwood @ 2/1/2009 09:47 commented on Self Portrait

Sorry if I offended you JinnDEvil, but I didn't put words in your mouth. I simply suggested a reason for you accusing Jeremy of deceit. So what was your reason for doubting his hand pixeling ability?

I notice you haven't offered Jeremy an apology.

wormwood @ 1/31/2009 20:07 commented on Self Portrait

Nice dither work Jeremy. Maybe put 1 white pixel on the teeth and raise the back of the puffins head 1 pixel.

JinnDEvil is like those people who think crop circles MUST be made by aliens because they can't believe humans could make them simply because they couldn't do it themselves.

wormwood @ 1/29/2009 11:25 commented on Player and Enemies
I like these a lot. Have you got any backgrounds to see them in context?
I think they could tightened up some more though. For example the tops of the heads could do with rounding off. They go from 45 degress to a straight line which makes them too angular. The top of the Gremlin Bomber's barrel looks a bit like a hub cap. The Imp is more of a Swinerider than a herder.

wormwood @ 1/28/2009 20:02 commented on Foglien!
The chicken sacrificing is the icing on the cake.

wormwood @ 1/27/2009 20:34 commented on Third Shoot'em Up Mockup! (but this time fo'real!)

Mrmo Tarius,
I thought this game may interest you...
It's not as groovy as yours, but it's still fun.

wormwood @ 1/23/2009 23:34 commented on Your Favourite Band
Jeremy, thanks for you bewbs pointing out my boobs. Sorry, that just sounds wrong. Colours correct now anyway.

wormwood @ 1/23/2009 08:49 commented on Feefol Loves You

Are you a PJ administrator? Sorry, I'm new here. Does your 'no' vote mean it won't get put in the gallery?

It was designed to be viewed low res and I have had double pixel submissions accepted before. If I make the white background transparent and don't double pixel the image would that make it acceptable?

What's wrong with the colours? Feefol was born that way :)

wormwood @ 1/22/2009 15:10 commented on DHARMA Initiative logo

I can barely see the brown on my calibrated screen. If you replace the swan and the word Dharma with a Yin Yang symbol it will probably be the oldest thing in the challenge.

wormwood @ 1/22/2009 14:42 commented on DHARMA Initiative logo

The symbol is conceptual nonsense wherever it comes from. And, unfortunately, I have seen the show.

Lose the dark brown and you could enter this in the current Pixel Art Challenge.

wormwood @ 1/22/2009 09:02 commented on DHARMA Initiative logo
Quite good pixels but the symbol is conceptual nonsense. Dharma and the trigrams of the I Ching originate from completely different philosophies.

wormwood @ 1/18/2009 10:06 commented on Marbleface

Great work. His cape is brilliant.
The AA on the highlight circles around the character selection could be improved to make them rounder. The character to the right of the selection could be better drawn. The flame should come down the left side of his thumb a bit and grey the black outline next to the white of the flame. The 4 big numbers on the right could be more stylish.
I would have called the character BOMBHEAD The Detonator :)

wormwood @ 1/18/2009 09:24 commented on Larwick Font

I think the matrix is inconsistent. There are too many elements that are in only one character such as the step in the diagonal of the Z, the shape of the terminals of the diagonals of the K and the bowl of the R.

Maybe post the design at Typophile... get some more specifically typographic feedback.

wormwood @ 1/17/2009 11:31 commented on Pixel Joint Logotype 01a

Thank you very much. UA Paint looks just like what I want.

Doe anyone have instructions for using homebrew applications on a Nintendo DS? I don't actually own a DS and this would be the only reason I would get one. I'm still quite happy with gaming on the GBA.

wormwood @ 1/15/2009 19:44 commented on Third Shoot'em Up Mockup! (but this time fo'real!)

The working demo v0.1a is brilliant. It's already one of my favourite games. I think you have a sure fire hit on your hands.

I know the game is still an early demo and I bet you have lots of additions and changes planned but here are some suggestions anyway...

The play area feels too narrow and it would be good to have a bit more space to see those lovely semi transparent clouds drifting across. Maybe make the play area 108 x 144 pixels (or even 144 x 144 pixels) instead of 72 x 144 pixels and enlarge it to just 300% instead of 400%.

Have more game levels like Desert / Ocean / Jungle / Arctic / City with a boss at the end of each. The final level could be in space with an alien mother ship as the toughest end boss.

Make the space bar shooting weapon infinite but have a limited supply of the other weapons so they need to be replenished with pickups. That would also be better than having money for pickups.

The electro/plasma ball weapon could work better. Maybe when it passes near an enemy it shoots out lightning to hit them.

Call the game PLANET ROCK and rework the classic 80's electro track Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa / Kraftwerk in a minimalist synth style for the soundtrack...

Can't wait to see the next update.

wormwood @ 1/13/2009 07:37 commented on Space Crusaders Explosion 01a

Thank you for the feedback guys. I will certainly post more of the game graphics as soon as I have anything I think is close enough to pixel perfect.

Mrmo Tarius...
I wasn't aware of Tyrian so I checked out the freeware version. Now that's some quality pixel work. Apparently all done in DPaint on an Amiga 1200. Now those were the days.

The crusaders (invaders) may also get hit from above so the explosion (or vaporization) would sometimes be flipped vertically, but blue in colour to match the plasma bolt coming from above. The animation plays faster in Image Ready. I hope it just looks slow because GIF's are sluggish as I would rather not remove any frames.

"Nice for a game" ? But crap for...? :)

wormwood @ 1/12/2009 14:35 commented on Revisited platform mockup
That is just too lush. Love it and wanna play it.

wormwood @ 1/10/2009 21:29 commented on Third Shoot'em Up Mockup! (but this time fo'real!)
I checked out the demo and can see this is gonna be great. 400% pixel size... now that's the kind of resolution I really like. And the way the rockets continue to travel in the direction the ship was moving when they launched is a stroke of genius.