W M @ 1/30/2015 15:43 commented on Frop Lab

I find this to be a good compromise between your distinct style, the subject matter, and the basic "rules" of pixel art. Maybe throw in a little shading, or just some more colors for lineart variation to break up the broad areas of single colors. You could keep the blockiness while doing this, but adding a little bit of variation to the repetition would take this a long way IMO.

W M @ 1/30/2015 15:03 commented on Self Portrait

Faces are generally asymmetrical, unless you are some sort of genetically modified superhuman. You should draw the other half of the face rather than focusing on getting everything lined up, it will look more natural and lifelike that way. When it comes to portraiture, to hell with cleanliness!

Or, at the very least edit the lightsource so that it's not also symmetric, to give it more dynamic lighting.


W M @ 1/24/2015 13:59 commented on BrainBot Mk-VI

Such fluid animation and tons of details to boot, I keep finding more things I love about this every time I look at it. Great job!

W M @ 1/24/2015 13:57 commented on TANK!

Thank you! Yeah, even with the Advance Wars animations for reference, the treads were a major pain to get right. t's going to be awhile before I animate any other details, haha.

Thanks to for the kind comments everyone

W M @ 1/24/2015 13:54 commented on TANK!

I'm glad that someone recognized what type of tank it was, heh. Not gonna lie, I had to look up what a t26 was when I was first asked to do this, but now it's one of my favorite tank designs. That curved turret was a pain, but totally worth it.

W M @ 12/7/2011 19:18 commented on Crystal Green

 I like how you engaged the edges of your canvas. You knew the restrictions of the space and used it to your advantage rather than minimizing its presence.

W M @ 6/23/2011 00:36 commented on Dumbledore

 Cooking something up...

W M @ 5/27/2011 04:36 commented on Akuma

 This is wonderful! The colors are perfectly harmonized.


Even though I think I know, who was your inspiration?

W M @ 5/14/2011 00:49 commented on Hurry up!

 Absolutely wonderful! Such a clean, yet expressive style.

W M @ 5/13/2011 18:37 commented on The Dream Team

 Very much agreed :)

W M @ 5/11/2011 16:54 commented on Drain

 Without reading your color count, I went into photoshop to see how many colors you used to pull off such a smooth piece. You made so much use of so little. Excellent pixel-pushing!

W M @ 5/11/2011 16:51 commented on Mario - Legend of Peach

 Those four blocks set the persective so well, along with the green patches on the ground. Very well done.

W M @ 5/11/2011 16:48 commented on Marriiiooo

 This picture oozes style.

What a perfectly balanced piece!

W M @ 5/1/2011 16:09 commented on Big Bird


W M @ 4/30/2011 14:08 commented on Lego's new line....

 The legs are a little big/tall for a lego man.

W M @ 4/30/2011 13:21 commented on self-portrait

 Pretty good, you're learning about portraiture step by step. :)

I would suggest working at about %50 the size you are working now -- it will make everything much more manageable, and you will still have plenty of room for detail.

Keep up the good work!

W M @ 4/30/2011 13:15 commented on Schnauzer

 I don't know if I like the two highest pixels on the back -- I think you could go without them and the animation would look a whole lot smoother.

Besides that, I love this. Great work on your schnauzer.

W M @ 4/27/2011 14:42 commented on Consuming the Rock

 Awesome work! I love your clusers. 

W M @ 4/27/2011 13:50 commented on Big Bird

Slightly nsfw in the first link. 

This guy's work is hit and miss with me, but I feel that the way he works resembles pixel clusters in pixel-portraiture, and that I (we?) can learn from both his palette choices and how he defines volume.

W M @ 4/26/2011 12:51 commented on I see you!!!!!!!!!

He's not even trolling, he's just speaking the truth.


Anyways, I really like the concept here. Nice work.

W M @ 4/25/2011 18:19 commented on A wild Zangoose appears!

If you're gonna leave that grey in there, I feel like you should make its presence stronger by slightly darkening and tinting it a cool color. Either that or remove it altogether.


Besides that, wonderful piece!

W M @ 4/24/2011 23:13 commented on Big Bird

 That would be great! It would help so much with the occasional artist's block .

W M @ 4/19/2011 14:05 commented on Gyarados

 We need to keep the fad going. More pokemon!

W M @ 4/18/2011 12:07 commented on Mountainscape

 Challenge accepted!

W M @ 4/16/2011 16:45 commented on Sunset of a Human Life

 Excellent use of vanishing points and perspective to create implied lines to the sun, making it the focal point of the piece. My eye follows perfectly.