fighter_fish @ 7/19/2021 14:31 commented on memories departing

love the dithering, gives me some gbc vibes.

fighter_fish @ 7/19/2021 14:30 commented on Scrapped stuff dump

While I like what's here, unfinished pieces (WIPs) aren't allowed in the Gallery, right?

But for real, I'd love to see some finished renditions of the ideas here. My favourite was the Richter Belmont sprite... the torso's got fabulous form and you got the colours spot on. 

fighter_fish @ 7/19/2021 14:25 commented on Scrapped stuff dump

While I like a lot of what's here, unfinished pieces aren't allowed.

fighter_fish @ 7/18/2021 04:23 commented on SNK vs CAPCOM vs KONAMI C64

fighter_fish @ 7/18/2021 04:22 commented on Sakura

It's a beaut,

love your dithering and shading.

I also like how you used pink as an accent. Definitely gives that ink dilution with a little colour feel.

fighter_fish @ 7/18/2021 04:18 commented on SNK vs CAPCOM vs KONAMI C64

I love it! The colours have beautiful muted pastel hues, feels very cozy.

C64 for the win!

Would totally play. Not that I'm good at fighting games.

fighter_fish @ 5/2/2021 05:30 commented on Taxi Cab

Very good, lot's of charm.

However I think you're trying to emulate the classic Ford Crown Victoria? If so, then the hood and trunk is a little longer.

But whatever, it still looks great.

fighter_fish @ 4/30/2021 09:41 commented on Ainz Ooal Gown

Damn, this is very well done!

fighter_fish @ 12/4/2020 07:01 commented on Xanthous Ruins

Oh ok, sorry then. 

fighter_fish @ 12/4/2020 04:59 commented on Fragile Box

I like it, very simple.

You've distorted the text and images nicely on the box's sides.

fighter_fish @ 12/4/2020 04:44 commented on Xanthous Ruins

Well, the sky is flat... but I feel it gives the impression the castle is in the stratosphere.

Especially when you think about the cloud layer beneath it.

Maybe a gradient would work?

But to the creator: fantastic job, sometimes too much detail can take away things. Your castle definitely pops out against the background. 

Edit: you've done everything extremely well. I especially love that thinning cloud layer. Your water is done well, your leaves, your airship's design. Beautfiul, just beautiful.

fighter_fish @ 12/4/2020 04:39 commented on Plastic Love

Nice job mate.

Love the song.

fighter_fish @ 10/17/2020 22:21 commented on how not to become a swordsman

Oh yeah, I love your stuff!

fighter_fish @ 10/17/2020 22:19 commented on old bus

Easing in and out is an animation principle.

Don't worry, it's not as complicated as it sounds.

You could probably find it on the internet, but Richard William's book "The Animator's Survival Kit" is a great resource on animation too.

Eggy did a pretty good example of explaining it.

So yeah research the principles of animation. They're mostly guidelines though, so you don't have to strictly adhere to them.

fighter_fish @ 10/17/2020 22:15 commented on Abandoned House

Hey thanks greenxspace.

Yes I chose this pallette for training, but I do think the GameBoy pallette has some charm to it.

I'm rather busy right now so haven't really been able to create pixel art, so sorry.

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:22 commented on the network that means business

Binging your works, nice static

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:21 commented on buuuugs!

Wow, nice "print" aesthetic.

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:19 commented on how not to become a swordsman

Hmm.. maybe just show the sword hilt.

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:18 commented on el presidente

Ha ha, high quality

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:16 commented on the thinker

Sweet mama

fighter_fish @ 9/27/2020 00:08 commented on Le Robot

Damn, this stuff is excellent.

Reminds me of the high resolution pixel art for the DS Mario and Lugi Games.

Very jealous.

fighter_fish @ 9/26/2020 23:30 commented on Tea time

Neato, really into cubism lately.

fighter_fish @ 9/26/2020 23:29 commented on Bunny Girl Pin Up

I like your retro palette. But she looks kinda... short?

Waiting for your other pieces to get approval.

fighter_fish @ 9/26/2020 23:26 commented on My Sleep Paralysis Demon

Ha ha, very nice.

fighter_fish @ 9/26/2020 23:25 commented on old bus

The legs could do with a little easing in and out, but excellent piece.

I like your art style.