Zlothien483 @ 1/30/2008 13:32 commented on In a middle of nowhere

This makes me want to try iso :O


Its similar to those pieces you get inspiration from its perfection and sherish so much you just wanna freeze them so theyre forever

Zlothien483 @ 1/30/2008 13:24 commented on Native American Nudistar [nudity]
I can also see the man gas13 talks about, its a hunchback ;o

Zlothien483 @ 12/19/2007 11:14 commented on Light and Time: Fireplace Tales

Looks beautiful although their faces could be a little more refined!


BTW what competition? anyone care to link? thanks in advance

Zlothien483 @ 12/2/2007 04:06 commented on winter gameshots
beautiful!!!! the trees are exquisite

Zlothien483 @ 10/18/2007 13:45 commented on Bionic Comando Remake (Complete Mockup)
Beautiful!!!! I'm amazed at the use of color combinations

Zlothien483 @ 10/8/2007 11:07 commented on Big Bird
Heya guys, I wanted to ask something.. I read days ago that a winner of a weekly challenge could get a DD at deviant , is this still valid? Thanks in advance!

Zlothien483 @ 10/5/2007 04:04 commented on you lose either way

"a piece of garbage made by Sondre"

Nice! is his left arm flexed, or is it that short?

Zlothien483 @ 10/3/2007 11:24 commented on PJ Sportscar
tty everyone! keep em coming

Zlothien483 @ 9/12/2007 20:29 commented on Grassland
Beautiful!! nice use of techniques,

Zlothien483 @ 8/26/2007 20:21 commented on Hero - Prelude (WIP shots)
Impressive, I'll always love your style! :D

Zlothien483 @ 8/24/2007 03:56 commented on Dumpster Dogmeat Colored
I think the lighting that hits the wolf is strong enough to illuminate more the entire piece, just a though :)

Zlothien483 @ 8/18/2007 14:00 commented on Metroid: Second Mission

Really nice man!

You seem to like metroid alot.. would you like to help make some sprites for a fangame project named Metroid Prime 2d? it is a highly popular fangame that's been around for years and years. PM for more info if you're interesed! but it's just for fun, no pay. :)

Zlothien483 @ 2/5/2007 13:57 commented on Emerald Dragon

His left wing is big enough, the left from our sight is being covered by it's left wing, I don't see a problem with that.

I also do not see the necesity to follow a stereotype on dragons, not every dragon has to be scaled, or spiky, or textured for that matter.

Zlothien483 @ 2/5/2007 10:44 commented on The Easter Bunny

My favorite submission, simply awsome ; ).

se le ve la cosa ... ; p

Zlothien483 @ 2/5/2007 09:25 commented on Tree Monster
One of my favorites, awesome sense of lighting you got .

Zlothien483 @ 12/28/2006 10:54 commented on Zombi time
What was that all about...

Zlothien483 @ 12/22/2006 08:25 commented on Shrewd

It's an awesome piece of art. I do think it's left "foot" could be improved a tad bit, making it look curled like it's right hand claw.

Zlothien483 @ 12/21/2006 18:57 commented on Zombi time

Forgot to say:

I started this today 22 dic and finished today, took me 4-5 hours aprox. Much testing was gone into it, because I was searching for new styles.

Zlothien483 @ 11/26/2006 18:10 commented on Eyes Smile

Of course it is, what's so wrong about it = / , looks good to me, specially for a first animation. Very creative.

Zlothien483 @ 10/14/2006 12:16 commented on BattleMech
There are some random grey pixels here and there which look out of place, not noticable, but it makes me doubt wether its a color reduction or authentic dithering. Plus the gradient-looking shading, and the highlights which coincidentially look alot like some white lines set in overlay @ photoshop.

Zlothien483 @ 5/15/2006 03:36 commented on Bowser483

Oh yeah, forgot. I drew this myself, here's the drawing:

Zlothien483 @ 12/6/2005 15:37 commented on Mp2d promo art

Woah! weekly showcase...


Didnt thought itd go so far...

Zlothien483 @ 9/9/2005 14:04 commented on Roland On The Ropes
Its very stylish. The pose is awesome too~ nice sprite!