Frario @ 1/11/2016 14:41 commented on Zé Carioca

You definitely captured the capcom feel! Well done!

Frario @ 8/14/2015 06:51 commented on Spitfire

Loving the spot-on rendition of Snake's methods and ALSO shoutouts to the nice song you made for it too!

Frario @ 6/15/2015 16:13 commented on Cute wink

Nice job on fixing the AA! Now it's even better <3

Frario @ 6/12/2015 02:30 commented on Cute wink

LOVING the AA :) However and the only place where the AA is jagged, is where the jaw rotates on both left and right side. Nonetheless there's some great subpixeling here!

Frario @ 2/19/2015 06:35 commented on Nightcruiser

When I conceived Pixel Logic, my main focus was "free" and "accessible" because that's what teaching is all about. Teaching is sharing knowledge, not selling knowledge. You can tip people, but you shouldn't pay for knowledge if we have a thing called:....the internet.

Thanks for mentionning me though :)

Frario @ 2/13/2015 07:33 commented on Puzzle Fighter 2015 Mockup

Hot diggity damn StevenM I adore these <3 Loving the line weight

Frario @ 2/1/2015 15:27 commented on Little Wrestling

Loving the color pallete on this. Even though it's small, this piece really stood out in the weekly showcase to me! : )

Frario @ 12/23/2014 14:41 commented on Web Color Winter

Loving the simplicity and readablity on the colors. I think it would look better at 1x however, It's easier to manually zoom with Pixeljoint

Frario @ 12/22/2014 07:06 commented on Lulu

I know little about Atari's and Commodore 64's. I'd rather let an expert talk about them than doing bad justice to them, y'know?. That's also why I have some contributing artists. This isn't about western vs. japanese nor their drawing style. It's a just an overview. :)

Frario @ 12/21/2014 12:53 commented on Lulu

Do you mean 80's/90's PC gaming? I can't analyse every single game out there, but the PC and the Arcade machines were always a step ahead of the consoles, so I'm only gonna talk about style and techniques, NOT the game itself or the history.

Frario @ 12/21/2014 12:51 commented on Lulu

Hey! Thanks for featuring the project :D I didn't post it on Pixeljoint yet cause i was afraid it might not do too well. Thanks for the support!

Frario @ 12/20/2014 19:58 commented on AA FTW :)

magnificent sub-pixeling

Frario @ 12/5/2014 13:39 commented on Jontron Backgrounds 2/2

Jon literaly asked for "a sea of lava" and I thought he was joking. Turns out he was not, LOL

Frario @ 12/3/2014 14:23 commented on Hungry Luma

I just forget. There's so many websites it's too hard to keep track of. I always post something on Tumblr first and Pixiv is usually the last

Frario @ 9/17/2014 08:31 commented on Disgaea practice 2

Is MedriFogmatio by any chance your friend? Cause I can recognise his character.

Frario @ 9/12/2014 02:27 commented on Viktor Turnaround

Sweet 3D effect! Incredible. You could have used some sub-pixeling for the eyes though.

Frario @ 9/10/2014 17:31 commented on child

Nice palette you've got on the skin and clothes!

Frario @ 9/3/2014 17:36 commented on Character Remake

That's is some big improvement! Nice job! :D When did you make the small version?

Frario @ 8/6/2014 02:28 commented on Rosalina and Luma spinning

lol I think my style of selective outlining gives it away xD

Frario @ 8/5/2014 05:01 commented on Rosalina and Luma spinning

Thanks! :) The main pose is a loose sketch. The spinning was done done by just moving pixels around and sketching with the 1px brush like this : The idle animation is pure subpixeling, so that's just also done on the fly

Frario @ 5/14/2014 13:14 commented on Super mario land 2 demake

The background....i friggin love this

Frario @ 5/14/2014 11:59 commented on Pocket Nova

Thanks man :D ! it's a small advice but it was helpful and I noticed it too! I reuploaded it and tried to fix it slightly! to compare it with the old version:

Frario @ 1/20/2014 08:29 commented on Team Fortress 2 Mercenaries

Son, I'm proud <3

Frario @ 1/11/2014 08:34 commented on Kill la Kill

They announced they were having the holidays off no?

Frario @ 12/22/2013 12:37 commented on Ross vs Danny

Ross asked me to copy his twitter avatar :P