Chaoxys @ 11/27/2020 18:55 commented on Hollow Knight Sprites

Interesting style, it gives me Paper Mario vibes while having it's own uniqueness to it, I like it. Kinda of makes me think it'd be at home as a HK spinoff game for the phone or something, like a gatcha RPG type deal. The only thing that bugs me (bu-dum psh) is that the top of the knight's head has a 1 pixel thick outline versus everything else which has 2 pixels thick.

Chaoxys @ 9/24/2020 07:25 commented on Admiral W Remake

New one looks really good. I will say that I'm having a bit of trouble reading the face though, I think it's because his cut is so dark while his mouth line sort of blends, so my brain kept seeing the cut as a tiny mouth and didn't even notice his actual mouth at first.

Chaoxys @ 8/7/2020 03:56 commented on Grumblin up some paper

I wish I could post more, although most of my spriting lately is from my game project and I'm cautious about showing too much this early in. I may start posting up some smaller things like enemies and what not though.

Chaoxys @ 8/20/2017 14:17 commented on Pikaboo

Sorry, SMBX's sprites are x2, so I sort of forgot to adjust that on the sheet before uploading it. As for an animation, sure, I'll make one.

EDIT- CHanged it, although I will say, I'm not too good at setting up animations, but hopefully this gets the idea across.

Chaoxys @ 11/17/2016 07:42 commented on Paper Family Thing 2: The Thingening

The original designs were actually made by an LPer named raocow, however I  changed them up (some more than others) when making them in this style.

Chaoxys @ 6/26/2013 15:47 commented on Legged Log

Well I'll be.

Chaoxys @ 6/17/2013 16:15 commented on Bean Pole, Tubbsy, Whatshisface, and Mr. Hero

You can check out the games booth from NCFC 2012 (Nintendo Community Fangames Convention) if you'd like. It offers some screen shots, story, character bio, and a demo of the first two worlds, as well as half of world 3. Just keep in mind that some changes have been made since then so you may run into some glitches that have since been fixed or some older graphics that have been replaced (Captain Syrup and Buzzy Beetle for example).

Chaoxys @ 6/17/2013 16:11 commented on Majestic Bowser

Well, in the actual game he's moving around a lot more so it isn't an issue, but I can see how it would be here.

Chaoxys @ 6/17/2013 12:45 commented on Belly Rumble

Actually, it is being made into a game. A lot of the graphics on my page are from a game called "Mushroom Patrol: Midas Machine" which I've been working on for 6 years now (off an on).

Chaoxys @ 6/17/2013 10:38 commented on Bean Pole, Tubbsy, Whatshisface, and Mr. Hero

Well, I keep everything on an SVN account but thats as close to a devlog as I have for it.

Chaoxys @ 7/5/2012 16:48 commented on Bloopin bloopity bloop

As I said in the description, the moder design for the blooper is actually rather thin compared to the older design.

Chaoxys @ 5/29/2012 10:34 commented on Block O Rock

Hey, someone noticed. Glad you like it, I thought it would be neat to have a creature thats only purpose is to block paths, holding a staff with a gate on it.

Chaoxys @ 5/29/2012 08:56 commented on Block O Rock

The arms are spheres, just like the legs.

Chaoxys @ 5/23/2012 10:14 commented on This is a ghost?

I have a few custom designs that I've sprited. I'll probably upload some later on. Others are semi custom. They are new designs based on existing charaters (like BowzWare).

Chaoxys @ 5/22/2012 09:54 commented on This is a ghost?

It's floating, although it's going to be used when moving as well. As for the hair, it's meant to be... I don't want to say jumpy but... hmmmm Whats the word... Well, it was meant to originally have a somewhat electric, unpredictable look, but it looked bad, so I combined the idea of it being jumpy with smooth which more or les resulted in what it is now. It's hard to explain.

Chaoxys @ 3/10/2012 14:37 commented on Chaoxys the Fighters

Thanks. I made it back in 06 and I've used it as my personal character since... 07 I think.

Chaoxys @ 3/9/2012 22:25 commented on Chaoxys the Fighters

Ah, I wasn't sure if the competition meant yourself as in you irl or how you generally depict yourself online. Alright, glad to have that cleared up.

Chaoxys @ 1/17/2012 13:35 commented on SMB3 Desertland Remake (animated)

Long time no see. Anyways, just wanted to say that this looks amazing.

Chaoxys @ 12/10/2011 11:15 commented on One big koopa family 2.0

Yep. Progress is a bit slow as the programmer is still in college if i remember correctly, but we make steady progress.

Chaoxys @ 11/29/2011 22:43 commented on M&L:BiS styled minions

Actually, they are all from Mario games. From top to bottom:

Biddybud- Super Mario 3d Land

Swaphopper- Super Mario Galaxy 2

Bramball- New Super Mario Brothers Wii

Crowber- New Super Mario Brothers

Dino Piranha- Super Mario Galaxy

Chaoxys @ 1/16/2011 20:21 commented on Bean Pole, Tubbsy, Whatshisface, and Mr. Hero

Thanks, also, transparentized.

I should probably start adding more of my work from this game now that I'm thinking about it.

Chaoxys @ 1/16/2011 10:53 commented on I'm trippin bananas

Ah, thank you for pointing that out. I must have clicked the 100x100 preview version I made for the detailed one as well.

Chaoxys @ 7/26/2010 14:15 commented on King of Second Bananas

What you mean SSBB?

Chaoxys @ 3/21/2010 20:38 commented on Phisher

First off, making a block tail move side to side would look weird, at least done if done like this.


Second, have you never gotten a fake "YOU ARE A WINNER" pop up? 


EDIT- Oh, and to add to the tail thing, the tail thing was also to have it match up with the fin to give it an equal machine vibe.

Chaoxys @ 3/8/2010 21:52 commented on Phisher

I did that originaly and honestly, it looked odd with the bouncing whole body movement the fin would aline with the bobing making it look like the fin was sitting still. I need to learn how to work around that.). I might make an alternate version for the game animation since it's movements will actually have it go in a stright line (as in, no bobing up and down, just straight, hop out of water, land, straight).


Then again, the idea of the fins moving together like that almsot seem fitting for it, seeing as it's a computer thing, idk, maybe it's jsut me.