solspear @ 3/7/2009 16:53 commented on Composite animation

..... Ouch!! that roll mustve hurt XD


you might wanna try to make the roll smoother, this is just a half salto, landing on his back.

solspear @ 3/7/2009 16:51 commented on Dragonite

Nice job on the furry feeling you gave it!!


but i don't like the antennas, everything else is Very great!!

solspear @ 3/7/2009 15:08 commented on Sol-Badguy in twewy style

:P i added transperancy, ThereIsNoCure =3

solspear @ 3/5/2009 11:02 commented on Jenny Fighting Sprite HD EDITION :P

... the panties...*drooool*

XD very nice!!

solspear @ 3/5/2009 10:01 commented on Lumi Neidya Doll

Very nice!!


one little problem tho, why is the belly button showing ?

anyway, favorited!

solspear @ 3/5/2009 09:05 commented on Kame Idle

@tadashi blossom: thanks =3 and ill create a BG later tonight =3

@PanicBomber: thank you very much =3

@Anubis: thanks for the C+C ill keep it in mind, but whats pixel pinning?

solspear @ 3/4/2009 11:57 commented on Big Bird

uhh, could anyone tell me how long it takes for your pixels to get out of  "awaiting approval" ?

solspear @ 3/4/2009 10:27 commented on Bowser Jr.

Ohh, i never knew this Jarjar account, hmm, was he on TSR (sorry for the offtopic, maybe i can add u on MSN?)

solspear @ 3/4/2009 07:51 commented on Bowser Jr.

hehe, cool, subomi :P

solspear @ 3/4/2009 06:16 commented on Bowser Jr.

lol, i luv it, btw, this style has made me realise who you really are, mik--- joking, won't tell other people if u want to keep it secret =3

solspear @ 3/4/2009 05:51 commented on Pirate Chick

i like the style, but don't like the design of chara :(

but VERY nice work.

solspear @ 3/4/2009 04:48 commented on Tarot Card Majora Mask

ahh, thanks for the advice, Anubis, i did rush it XD and i was limited with colours, otherwise i wouldve made it more detailed n stuff, but yeah, ill keep in mind what you sayd =3

solspear @ 3/4/2009 04:43 commented on Kame Card

ah, okay, lollige will do =3

solspear @ 3/3/2009 14:01 commented on Doll - Brain Drag

Very nice work, but i don't like the style,, but very nice work, nonetheless

solspear @ 3/3/2009 13:59 commented on Bottle cap figure

Whoa, i really like the shading

XD i was fooled, i tought this was a SSBB trophy of some sort XD

solspear @ 3/3/2009 13:42 commented on Soulja Girl

i love the water effects! very nice sprite!

solspear @ 3/3/2009 13:41 commented on Cutie Sexy Sammy

Very cute!!

i just can't choose, first or second, the first one is really cute, the second one is epic
hmm, ANYWAY, very good!!