Jess Bowers @ 8/3/2009 22:19 commented on Seeder

Fool, you scare me. Your skills are beyond amazing. Every piece you do is exquisite.

Jess Bowers @ 6/11/2009 18:57 commented on Dynamo Joe vs. the Dragon

Thanks for the comments, everyone!

ThereIsNoCure - I agree. I loved Doug's use of heavy inks on his mechs. Gave everything a nice "weight" to it.

GreenRaven - Thanks! I've been browsing around and really like just about everything I see. :)

Monotov - I'll definitely "dig up" some more stuff. I did a number of pieces a long time ago (all with PC Paintbrush) and have just recently gotten back into it. Most of the stuff I did back then was used for a short movie of sorts with Fantavision. Anyone remember that program? I'll have to post it somewhere for folks to look at.

adriprints and Scribblette- Agreed, a background would definitely make it look better. However, as I did this piece back in 1987-1988 (over 20 years ago), I didn't want to really touch it.... for nostalgic reasons. :)

Also, thanks to ThereIsNoCure for reminding me of the source material. All of my comics are bagged, boxed and stored away in the basement. Here is the original: