SeDiceBisonte @ 9/18/2021 12:43 commented on Sarah Connor

Thanks Limes. I really appreciated your help! Good to see you back here. I keep meaning to post on Pixelation again but I've been really busy lately.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/18/2021 12:36 commented on Shoe Box (Preview)

Aw yes! Can't wait for this. My schedule's pretty much clear for the first two weeks so I should hopefully be able to join in on any Discord fun too.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/13/2021 10:38 commented on white deer

Such a beautiful use of the palette. I really like how much this pops.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/12/2021 08:07 commented on A sprout.

Wow! Can't really add anything to the previous comments... this is just spectacular in every way.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/12/2021 06:44 commented on 32x32 Animal Portraits

I really like all of these but that pigeon is glorious. You've done the iridescent neck feathers so well.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/12/2021 06:41 commented on mockup - Explore screen

I would also love to play this. Lovely, clean UI and very atmospheric visuals.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/12/2021 06:39 commented on Earthworm Maiden

I love that toxic palette and the comic book style. It's not exactly the focal point () but the hand is really excellent. Really striking piece!

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/11/2021 15:01 commented on Lickle Able

You're unbeatable, vrine! Hopefully I'll have more time soon and I can be more active (and back on Discord too).

Congrats to b236 too, and well done SovanJedi!

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/6/2021 13:25 commented on Nocturra Banners

Wonderful stuff. So much work has clearly gone into the animated backgrounds alone! The characters look great too. I'm particularly fond of the design of the top one.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/5/2021 06:04 commented on Gentle Spring

That's a lovely palette. I love the way the eye colour picks up the background. The purple light on the character looks great too.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/3/2021 09:58 commented on Shocked egg

Wow, I didn't expect to get a trophy given how strong the entries were! Thanks

Well done to everyone and special congratulations to Irenaart. Magnifiso19 is gorgeous and I'm looking forward to grabbing a tile and putting it to use recreating my favourite Rollercoaster Tycoon memories!

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/2/2021 09:41 commented on Eyeful Revisited

Very cool character and, as b236 said, a big improvement on the original. Looking forward to seeing more!

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/1/2021 12:34 commented on anxious

Incredible! The ripples in the water are phenomenal, especially behind the hand. Gorgeous fabric and hair rendering as well. Truly spectacular.

SeDiceBisonte @ 9/1/2021 00:28 commented on Silver Chestplate

Nice work getting the metal surface to look so good–not too shiny and not too dull. Very convincing!

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 07:20 commented on Shrooms

Great style and particularly lovely colours. The sky colour is especially nice.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 07:16 commented on Toucan Cropped for Avatar

I'd also like to see the full version up here. Saw it on Twitter and it looks great. You could still use it as an avatar with the full image uploaded as long as the preview image stays the same as it is now.

As for Toucan Knight, I love the character!

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 07:10 commented on Party

I love their expressions. This is one of my favourite examples of your style.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 07:03 commented on Internal Feasting

Excellent (and very creepy) work. This is also the entry that most strongly resembles a real x-ray, so kudos! You've got a vote from me

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 06:52 commented on Squish!

You've captured the anger very well. I hope it's passed since!

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 06:46 commented on Ant!

This is exceptionally beautiful; painterly and fragile, but also with a sense of the power that ants have (proportionately, at least). Insects are amazing and it's nice to see a piece that shows their beauty when they can just as easily be portrayed as creepy.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 06:37 commented on Waterfront Digital

This feels very authentically retro. I particularly like the shading on the CRT screen. Good choice with the glitchy text clouds too. Gives it a lot of character.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/31/2021 06:30 commented on Run Samus Run

Very cool. The only Metroid game I've played is Fusion but this definitely captures the right atmosphere.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/30/2021 13:21 commented on Reff's Toucan Knight

Ha, love it! He looks so confident.

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/30/2021 08:36 commented on Mo Tzu

Lovely style and fun way to convey information!

SeDiceBisonte @ 8/30/2021 08:17 commented on . . .

Gorgeous palette! It's particularly effective on the water. Very beautiful lighting too.