CassioRenan @ 7/20/2014 14:34 commented on Well in the forest

Maybe the white water in the middle is an artistic insight: Something to do with the method of pixel art and its beauty.


Or maybe the piece is just unfinished

CassioRenan @ 6/28/2014 11:02 commented on Nightdrive With My Vette

Get off the middle of the road!
Great piece. I love the style.

CassioRenan @ 6/20/2014 16:47 commented on RGB Skull

Thanks a lot for your comments. Please note that although I searched for inspiration on a well known piece from the site(And a great one, for that matter), I specifically tried not to use the same technique(And even not the same pallete, so I could to try harder to develop my own method, and hopefully learn something in the process). I tried to mix the colors not to achieve new ones(Witch is much harder on a small scale and with less saturation), but to try and achieve a "boney" texture, and overall make the piece look less "plastic". Anyway, I'll try to inprove on that, and maybe adjust some parts that don't quite fit what I was looking for(The green lines on the upper side being one of them)

Yes, the anatomy looks terrible :( . For me, particularly the unaligned cheeks, the teeth, and the nose. I'm trying to improve on that, too(Practice makes perfect, right?).

CassioRenan @ 6/15/2014 16:51 commented on Muhaptor Ali

Oh, I see. Already edited :)

CassioRenan @ 5/31/2014 12:21 commented on 1 bit tileset

I love it! And the mockups are really great.

CassioRenan @ 5/31/2014 12:10 commented on Seaside Fair

@CraftyPixel: Thanks!

@helcril: It is! I'm developing a small hack-n-slash game, still in its early stages. I'll use different base colors to define scenario, player, treasure, magic, etc.

@Jim Reed: That's very cool! I hope I can get to that level. I'm still learning basic stuff :3

CassioRenan @ 7/7/2009 15:23 commented on Sailor Shark says...

I just can't imagine him saying "I have lost my crystal, will you find it and bring it to me?"

Anyway, nice work.

CassioRenan @ 6/11/2009 00:25 commented on Sideship Challenge

@metaru: Actually, there is a rule. Transparency isn't optional, it is required. Other than that, the challenge thread makes it clear that the picture must be a sprite, witch, I believe, can't be used with a background.


besides, I love the piece. I actually like how over-dithering makes the piece feel retro, but it could use some work, though.



CassioRenan @ 5/10/2009 19:30 commented on Sunset

Pink Floyd does that to you!


You're right. It does look weird. But I probably can't finish editing it before the deadline ends(Or maybe I can edit it during the voting week? I'm kinda new to PJ... )



CassioRenan @ 3/29/2009 22:49 commented on God of... Smashing?

Thank you, guys! At the end, My studies kept me from give some more attention on this piece. I'm willing to mess a bit with it, in a near future, even after the voting for the weekly challenge ends(that is, today)

@adriprints: I see what you mean. I'm actually not very inclined to pump him a little more, since it'll change most of the picture, and I would have to actually create the entire piece again. for the background... well... I tried, but just couldn't make it look good. I'm trying to improve my work on environments and such, though. Thanks for helping!

@Evilagram: Actually, I think I learned a lot of anatomy from this piece. I tried my best to keep the muscles in their right places, and the hands took me a good time to draw... Didn't like the feet though. I'll try to improve them. What aspects of his anatomy should a take a look at, aside from the feet? Maybe my eyes are too used to see it fro me to judge them. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

@Danelock: I was also learning the art of dithering when I started shading this guy. I guess instead of a overall good shading, it looked more like a crazy dithering frenzy. But I'm not inclined to change it though... I simply love the look all the dithering gives to the piece. Thanks!

CassioRenan @ 3/16/2009 18:02 commented on God of... Smashing?

Oh.Sure. I just wasn't with enough time, after 11 hours working on it.

in a couple of minutes it will e changed already

I still ain't got much time right now, so I'll just cut a piece of the actual image.



CassioRenan @ 3/15/2009 21:06 commented on Repair Robot

It's the last modification I made. Actually, I learned a lot from this one(I was kinda in a need for using restricted palletes, witch I never worked before). I have so much to improve at dithering, though.

I'm pretty proud of this little fella. Not a spledorous job, of course, but it's definitely my style.


CassioRenan @ 3/15/2009 21:01 commented on Cyclops Abduction

It's a great work! My fav, for sure! For a minute I thought that the color fo the woman's skin was another color, but it's just the white!

CassioRenan @ 3/15/2009 20:54 commented on Monster Set 32x32

Thanks! I'm still having problems with the few colors(never worked with color restriction before), so using only these colors is becoming a very challenging task. I have 3 shades of red, 4 of white(Or almost something like it) and some shades of dark blue.

Anyway, thanks again for the comment!

CassioRenan @ 3/15/2009 20:50 commented on Face

Oh. Of course. It isn't. It's kinda of a template for using with other faces(If you meant about that). Other pallete will be used for hair and clothes(It's because of the system I'm developing for the game. It's actually pretty crappy, but it's in test phase, after all). The detail images have only the hair and clothes, and will be blited on top of the template. Maybe in a near future I post some of the hair's images.

If you meant about some missing parts that should be shaded... I'm trying to finish them right now. I'm learning a lot, since I never drawn faces, specially at this size. I hope I'm going ok.



CassioRenan @ 3/14/2009 05:52 commented on A Tree (Again)

Yup. It's really nice the usage of colors, and I guess it could be used in some RPGs. The shape should be improved, as the others mentioned. Oh, I also like how the bright blue is used as a shadow. Is all the colors from SoM 2?


CassioRenan @ 3/14/2009 05:45 commented on AWSMBOT

Nice work, indeed! You should try to elarg the spear a bit. It looks like a line(Witch shouldn't be har, or a stick that would easily be broken.

Other than that, nice usage of the colors!

CassioRenan @ 3/14/2009 05:32 commented on Face

yeah, it is. But I didn't mention it was the only pallete I could use, since it's for a game and it's the pallete used for most icons. Besides the pallete, other comments?