Jelayer @ 4/13/2009 07:30 commented on board

Yeah... I'm all over this one.

Jelayer @ 4/10/2009 09:00 commented on EasterIsland

Personally, I really like the outline. It adds to the overall style of the piece.  The only thing I don't really like is the far right side of the piece... I feel like it needs something.  Maybe a couple other statues in the distance, or hell just cut it off :)

Jelayer @ 4/6/2009 14:52 commented on Hide and Seek

I really like the color choices and the textures acheived. It almost looks like a painting. I agree that it looks like it was taken right out of a children's book. Killer job!

Jelayer @ 4/6/2009 11:10 commented on You have to wash my undies!

Metaru - I plan on working on it some more, just not at this moment.  Need to let it breathe for a bit before I come back to it.  I might possibly redo it completely in my own style.  Either way this is definitely not the final version.

Jelayer @ 4/6/2009 07:53 commented on You have to wash my undies!

Thank you for all the comments everyone!

Honestly, I think I just bit off more than I could chew.  Once I went back and attempted to fix the background (take out most of the dithering, attempt to fix the colors etc.) the forground elements really suffered. And then I ran out of time... :P.  Basically the more I messed with it the worse it got... and now I'm sick of looking at it so I probably won't be fixing anything any time soon.  However, the critiques are appreciated.

Basically one cannot come close to truely imitating Fool's style... and they sure as hell can't do it in a week. Atleast I can't... :D

Jelayer @ 4/2/2009 09:58 commented on Car

Regardless of this obvious joke...

I do agree that a "yearly showcase" would resolve some of the real issues of the hall of fame.