Dhr. Bosch @ 11/23/2010 15:15 commented on Joseph Starling

though i prefer lenin as far as politics go i must concede that stalin had the more memorable 'stache, sseong him as a bird is weird though...

Dhr. Bosch @ 10/29/2010 16:36 commented on Dawnrazor

something about fields of the nephilem always puts a big old smile on my face, porbabably the sillyness of english goth boys making ennio morricone styled music. they where a pretty cool band though. and this is an awesome tribute to the album cover

Dhr. Bosch @ 6/21/2010 02:15 commented on Heron Heron Petit Patapon

@ clovvach: no a heron is actually just a heron in english... this is a grey heron...

@ manupix: the stance is beautiful but i agree with manjaman, it's too jaggy. i do think it is absolutely awesome how you've got a style that is so absolutly you though. i was hoovering over last weeks entries and instantly knew this was you. props.

Dhr. Bosch @ 5/13/2010 03:16 commented on domo arrigato ms. roboto?

thank you, i was actually thinking about AA'ing the grid maybe i'll look into the reflections aswell.

Dhr. Bosch @ 5/12/2010 17:07 commented on fly-rob

it is a sad day...

may his soul reside in the worlds he so vividly conjured for us...

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/28/2010 14:19 commented on Weapons

vampires didn't start burning in the sun until after the film nosferatu which was made in 1921 so if you are opposed to sparkling beause it isn't true to the vampire mythos you're a bit of a hypocrite.

And though i would like to be on the side of the twilight bashers (good god does that anti-feminist mormon propaganda suck) i think that making sparkly emo vampires count as -5 vampires would give the werewolves an unbalancing advantage. A pro-werewolf user could just take one for the team and make a sparkly vampire instead of his actual preference (werewolf) for the sole purpose of winning.



Dhr. Bosch @ 4/27/2010 10:40 commented on Weapons

Opened up a Knight-power propaganda thread in the challange section of the forum here. join us knights and we will rid the world of those unemployed lazy dragons! and other evils

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/26/2010 17:18 commented on Weapons

i say the dragon knights should count as knights. We live in an equal oppertunity ssociety and so race should not be an issue. knight is just an occupation so a dragon can still be a knight, but a knight does not need to be a dragon. i say the horde should only get the 'vanilla' dragons without that spicy Knighthood flavor...

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/24/2010 12:59 commented on Faceless Knight

maybe because it's a classic pose? i really don't know why people see this as familliar...

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/24/2010 12:55 commented on Weapons



robin of sherwood was a knight in king lionheart's army, even if you don't change your avatar you should count for us

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/24/2010 04:30 commented on Faceless Knight

i've no clue what this may remind people of... this is just my avatar + sword. my avatar is a kind of faceless ragdoll that i love because they are inherently creepy to most people. it could probably be AA a bit more, but most roughness is around the edges which i can't AA because of transparancy . i didn't feel i had the space to dither though.

Dhr. Bosch @ 4/23/2010 18:13 commented on Weapons

i'm gonna join the knights. you anarchists dragons stand for evetrything that is wrong with the internet! we will strike you down with great vengeance and furious anger. Haven't all those years of bad hollywood scripts tought you that it never pays to root for the bad guys?

Dhr. Bosch @ 3/15/2010 12:35 commented on Xenoscape


i ran out of time at the end so i had too submit before i had the time to refine the 'grass'

Dhr. Bosch @ 3/8/2010 02:09 commented on Pixel Room

how about architecture? is that allowed?

Dhr. Bosch @ 2/15/2010 11:25 commented on Mechanix Girl

Good bye Jessica.

Dhr. Bosch @ 2/15/2010 06:05 commented on domo arrigato ms. roboto?

I think I've spent about four hours on this. I would have liked to finish the harem theme, but unfortunately I had very little time this week since my daughter is supposed to be born next week and I hadn't finished the baby-room yet.

Dhr. Bosch @ 2/15/2010 05:58 commented on Silence at Troy - Spirit's Next Million Years

This is absolutly gorgeous. you have outdone yourself!

Dhr. Bosch @ 12/25/2009 01:40 commented on Spartan's Last Stand

that quote is horrible... the spartans where quite happy with their dual kingship (they had two kings) and dispised the athenean democratic system. The spartans had also brought along probably around 900 slaves, which did the things they thought where dishonerable but which are none the less essential in propper warfare such as archery. without the SLAVES the spartans would have been a quickly forgotten tribe in the annals of history. i'm sorrry, but frank millers version of the battle of thermopylae rreally pisses me off!

Dhr. Bosch @ 12/22/2009 15:00 commented on Dress design

i really like the dithering/shading. it's very different from your usuall style, but it is nice to see you experimenting.

Dhr. Bosch @ 10/30/2009 10:57 commented on Ninja Crow (update)

i hate to be a spoilsport but i seem to remember all crows  (member of the corvus family) have black beaks. i really like the idea though

Dhr. Bosch @ 10/24/2009 09:33 commented on Gluttony-Money to Burn

many churches actually do equate glutonny with, not just overeating, but excess/living above your means in general. this is different from greed as greed is holding on to things without thinking about the consequences, and excess is about wildly spending without thinking of the consequences. Over eating is the most obvious example of this sin, but to many it is not restricted to just that

Dhr. Bosch @ 9/4/2009 14:20 commented on the simpsons


and i would like to add to hatch's tips: try to hit something once in a while, it seems like the distance between the buildings and the length of the buildings has a direct reletionship with your speed, which means things get harder if you're going fast but if you slow yourself down every so oftenm you can make the game as easy as you want.

Dhr. Bosch @ 8/23/2009 03:34 commented on Alliterative Animals

i like the name, but how can souseaux start a succesfull and influential side project with the drummer if they don't have one? Still, the name alone is a reason to vote for this...

Dhr. Bosch @ 8/22/2009 01:09 commented on L'Homme du Desert

i think i like the old version better

Dhr. Bosch @ 8/22/2009 01:05 commented on Zombie Pinocchio

i had no problems with the font. but tpoe is certaintly right about the clouds. they should be silouettes and not become so transparent.