Quiara @ 9/30/2021 22:17 commented on Radical Pepus

OK, this is REALLY cool. And I'm not just saying this because of the radical background.

Quiara @ 9/29/2021 15:53 commented on Big Bird

I'm really glad this Pixelween has usurped that old one for the record, tbqh, because that's a pretty underwhelming record holder.

Quiara @ 9/27/2021 07:25 commented on cows

How precious :3 Not sure which of these palettes is my favorite - maybe the orange/purple?

Quiara @ 7/8/2021 15:55 commented on Oceanides

Whew, really nice subtle gradients between the... damn, what color would you call that? Cream? Into a cool blue. Such a pretty ramp, dithered basically perfectly.

Quiara @ 7/5/2021 20:09 commented on matte 1

For what it's worth, I think this looks absurdly cool.

Quiara @ 6/26/2021 19:47 commented on dragon (noodle)

Really loving the greenness of the lightest shades here - nice way to get the hues to shift in a coherent loop. Strong composition too.

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 18:31 commented on EGA Self Portrait

Loving the mouth - this piece has a tone of personality, and the palette sort of sells the vibe of "lovingly grotesque"

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 15:10 commented on King of Kings

Really lovely piece, this one. I like how the sky looks "hotter" on account of the jagged clusters.

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 10:58 commented on EGA Self Portrait [Weekly]

This piece is wild - I love the decision to keep the hair in textmode, which (along with the pattern on the top) pushes you attention onto the face because that's where all the detail is! Very cool.

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 10:52 commented on Apple II Self-Portrait

Man, I thought the point of portraits was drawing human subjects but NOT having to draw hands? SMH

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 10:50 commented on Portrait

This is pretty damn good. I don't know that all the color choices quite work (most notably the patch of pistachio green to the left of the nose) but there's a lot of cool stuff going on here - the dithering on the lips, the weirdly shaped highlights, the way the beard sort of fades into nothing - it's all very cool.

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 10:44 commented on C64ME (weekly challenge)

Mic drop! My favorite thing about this piece, minor as it seems, is that one stray widepixel on the brim of the hat - I can't tell quite why I like it so much, because I guess technically it's too loose to count as anti-aliasing? But it just kind of... works. I can't explain it. The expression here and the level of detail on the five-o-clock shadow is also lovely.

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 06:26 commented on Samurai warrior

Max 8 colors *plus* transparency, right?

Quiara @ 6/7/2021 06:03 commented on tiou tiou

Curious what the breakdown is for the 23(!) entries here between C64, Apple ][, and EGA palettes. (At a glance I don't think anyone used MSX)

Quiara @ 6/6/2021 22:03 commented on Gravity Falls

My god, this is brilliant - I love the palette choices, I love the wiggle, etc.

(Only thing I have to point out is that you need to edit the piece so it's at 1x resolution)

Quiara @ 6/6/2021 14:28 commented on zipple and me


Quiara @ 4/16/2021 15:35 commented on 4 4 colour portraits

Whew, it's very neat that you're able to depict so many skin tones with so few colors!

Quiara @ 4/6/2021 15:39 commented on portrait (himbo)

I'm liking the use of green highlights on the hair!

Quiara @ 4/4/2021 09:25 commented on Potion Fighter

Hey, welcome to PJ!  I like this piece a lot - it has a very distinctive sort of mock-macho character, in the vein of one of those indie titles based on a Newgrounds game (Alien Hominid or Castle Crashers or Super Meat Boy or whatever). The simplest "fix" to this piece IMO would be to put the chest in the center of the composition instead of off to the side - the action lines in the background radiate outwards from the center, which just draws attention to the imbalance of the composition as is.

It bears repeating though that this piece looks awesome - I love how beautifully rendered those arms and legs and guns are, with such bold linework.

Quiara @ 4/3/2021 18:47 commented on ZX Jeanne d'Arc

This really illustrates how genuinely pretty the shades of pink/red in the Zedex palette are (or could be if the rest of the console wasn't so restrictive) imo!

Quiara @ 3/13/2021 21:30 commented on Cynthia

Making the palette in advance can give you an idea when you're being redundant with colors, yeah.

One thing that occurs to me - because I wanted to figure out how the official Cynthia sprite pulled off the blonde hair - is that there's a similar lack of contrast between the skin and hair colors there, but it's less visible because the hair is outlined:

Cynthia | Pokémon Wiki | Fandom

Quiara @ 3/10/2021 19:01 commented on Pewter City Science Museum - Kanto Redrawn

IMHO the best detail is that the guy with the Old Amber is dressed up like the fogey from Jurassic Park

Quiara @ 3/8/2021 18:30 commented on Ghouleon

My lord, I need to upload my good ghost boy here at some point. :V

Quiara @ 3/8/2021 15:11 commented on Isometry Street

I wonder whether this would be nicer to look at if the "center of rotation" here was the center of the green brick, or the road, rather than the edge of the green brick.

Quiara @ 3/8/2021 15:07 commented on P-Laser

Max 20 colors between the two sprites, right?