Nightmare3711 @ 2/27/2021 04:21 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

Day 5 hint!

The seventh set (White, bottom left) consists entirely of non-playable characters (NPCs)!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/27/2021 02:40 commented on Pokemon Trainer Lass Link

This is weirdly funny to me

Nightmare3711 @ 2/25/2021 23:30 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

Day 4 hint!

The second set (Black, top left) is currently the only game the team has made!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/24/2021 19:15 commented on Ninja Link

I love the colors, and the character design with the pose makes it all look really good!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/24/2021 18:22 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

No! But good guess!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/24/2021 18:10 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

You got it!

1st: ?
2nd: ?
3rd: ?
4th: ?
5th: ?
6th: ?
7th: ?
8th: ?
9th: Good Place
10th: ?

That's one down, nine to go!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/24/2021 05:39 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

Day 3 hint!

The sitcom concluded in season four last year!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/23/2021 06:12 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

Day 2 hint!

The first set (Top left, white border) is not from a video game!

Nightmare3711 @ 2/22/2021 06:36 commented on Itty Bitty Characters 1

Alright, for every day that someone doesn't get any, I'm going to drop a hint or two.

Today, I'll give you three: 

1. One set is from a Sitcom
2. Another set is from an animation
3. The rest are from video games

Nightmare3711 @ 1/13/2021 15:37 commented on Ever Deeper Item Showcase - Sea Creatures and Other Fishing Loot

Oh, yes, right! I have a bad habit of not posting that information. Here are the places where you can follow the development of the project:


I'll update this and other posts with all current and future social medias as necessary

Nightmare3711 @ 12/24/2020 08:29 commented on Secret Santa 2020

Honestly, I can't tell that you ever had to cut any corners at all.

Nightmare3711 @ 12/24/2020 08:26 commented on Secret Santa 2020

I agree, the flame sword is amazing. The flames in general are great. I'm going to have to study this to get an idea for how I should do flames in the future!

Nightmare3711 @ 10/30/2020 15:03 commented on Bruce Lee Punch

This is incredibly difficult to read, and the speed of the animation definitely doesn't help. I've been staring at it for quite a while, and I genuinely can't tell what's supposed to be happening, even with the context of the title.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/28/2020 12:27 commented on October PA Discord Challenge


But I honestly can't for the life of me figure out what's going on in 5 and especially 17. The rest are fairly clear, but I'm having a real hard time trying to figure out what those two are supposed to be.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/27/2020 20:35 commented on Scout Ranks

Correction: There are technically thirteen ranks in BSA.

The first is Bobcat, which is a recent addition to BSA (It was added when I left), but Bobcat is given to any new Cub Scout, regardless of their age. They will later on be moved to the appropriate rank.

The other is the Arrow of Light, which goes between Webelos and Scout, but it's more of an award than it is an actual rank. Plus the rest are more important than the Arrow of Light, so I decided to exclude it.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/23/2020 23:42 commented on Brain of Cthulhu (Hyper Light Drifter Edition)

Oh man, sick cross-over! Merging two of the best pixel art games ever made is a great idea! I think I should try that sometime!

Nightmare3711 @ 10/22/2020 14:34 commented on Fox in a Flowerpot

You are using more colors here than you need to use. You currently have 15, but if you combined some of the very similar colors, you could reduce it to 12 or 13 colors.

This is a really good tutorial by a talented pixel artist that I think could help you out:

Nightmare3711 @ 10/21/2020 21:34 commented on Fox in a Flowerpot

I like the little wink. Could reduce your color count by one or two, but I like it!

Nightmare3711 @ 10/21/2020 21:32 commented on Pegasus - Saint Seiya

This is too large for Pixel Joint. You'll have to submit it in its original size. Plus a few of your colors are similar enough that you might as well make them the same color.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/21/2020 21:21 commented on An unexpected visitor

Multiple of your colors are fairly similar to each other, so I think you could reduce your palette size by one or two colors. Some things could read a little better, like the window outline and the posts, but otherwise, not bad!

Nightmare3711 @ 10/16/2020 03:09 commented on It strikes!

Oh no, that's my first time making a mistake like this! I'm surprised I never made it earlier haha. That's embarassing.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/16/2020 01:03 commented on It strikes!

I'm not sure what you mean

Nightmare3711 @ 10/6/2020 20:21 commented on Draculavatar

The blood is a nice touch

Nightmare3711 @ 10/6/2020 14:32 commented on Ever Deeper - Armor Showcase

Yeah, I kind of rushed the huntress because I wanted to get 8 in here. I already made some changes to that one. And as for the breathing and the helmet, I'll see what I can do.

Nightmare3711 @ 10/4/2020 12:22 commented on Stranded

I was trying to go with a mars look, which has a sky that look kind of like that. But I'm not really trying to replicate any planet or whatever in particular.